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Slice me tender : chop your breakbeats !

Sometimes you need to slice your breakbeat samples into small pieces, with just the hits, then you can import the parts into any sampler / synth / etc to re arrange, change speed, apply effect individually, whatever you want.

This is only 2 or 3 click in Wavosaur !

All the features you need are already in Wavosaur : auto-slice and export all regions.


How to auto slice a breakbeat / drum loop in Wavosaur ?

1) launch Wavosaur and load a funky breakbeat, or groovy drum loop


breakbeat slicing

breakbeat slicing


2) Select Menu Tools -> Slicing/Region -> Auto slice region

auto slice feature

slice me in the morning


as you can see, you have now 7 markers automatically inserted, determining 8 regions.
you can manually add markers if you want to create more /  smaller regions.


3) now go to Menu File -> Export -> Export all regions

exporting all region into multiples samples

exporting all regions into multiples samples

This will save 8 samples, with the name you choose and a suffix : breakbeat-sample_M000 to breakbeat-sample_M008


4) bonus track :

in the Slicing / Region submenu you have another funky feature : “Scrambling regions
once you have defined region (automatically with auto slice or manually), the scrambling feature will change the position of the region, in a random way.

now let’s add some pitch shifting (Menu Process -> Pitch Shift -> Simple) and … INSTANT JUNGLE !!

Original drum loop :


Auto slice + scramble region + pitch shift :


Auto slice + scramble region + pitch shift + a little reverse on some snare

Vocoder in Wavosaur, with freeware VST/DX plugins

You want a robot voice, a daft-punk-funky-groovy voice effect, you want it you need it.
you need a vocoder ! For quick and dirty vocoderization, you can set up Wavosaur with some cool freeware plugins and get the job done.

voice without vocoder (not funky) :

voice with the vocoder !


To keep it simple, we’ll take free vocoder plugin with a built-in synth for the carrier. The two vocoder plugins listed here : are freeware and work nice with Wavosaur :

Sonicism Vintage Vocoder DX

Free DX vocoder

Free DX vocoder

more info and download here :
note that the plugin is in DirectX format!  but no problem, you can use it in Wavosaur, we’ll give all the process in this post.

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Snap to zero crossing in Wavosaur

Wavosaur can do “snap to zero crossing” when you make a selection with the mouse.
This feature is undocumented in the manual.
Snap to zero crossing can be useful, for example when you want to make a seamless loop.

You have 3 ways to set / unset this feature:

1) use this keyboard shortcut : CTRL + B
this is the fastest way to turn on/off the snap to zero crossing feature!

2) or go to “Options” menu then select “Snap to zero crossing”

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Best free VST plugins for analyzing audio

If you use Wavosaur for mastering / premastering, or signal analysis in a more general way, you need tools for audio analysis : spectrum analyzers, phase analyzers, sonogram.
Wavosaur comes with analyzers, you’ll find them in the ‘tools’ menu, along with oscilloscopes & statistics about the sound file (maximum sample peak, RMS power, average value..).

But you can also use VST plugins (for some people it can be more convenient).
We have searched deep deep inside deep deep down inside into the web, to find the best free VST plugins for audio analysis, here’s the selection:


1) Spectrum Analysis

1.1) Voxengo SPAN

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Wavosaur VST plugin rack v2

The VST rack in one of the most powerful feature of Wavosaur.
Why ? Because you can use virtually any effect : compressor, multiband compressor, noise gate, limiter, expander, reverb, echo, noise reducer, vocoder, equalizer, distorsion, etc..
Wavosaur is compatible with VST 2.4 (and older) VST plugins.

Since Wavosaur version, the VST rack was enhanced and improved, for a better user experience.


As you can see, there is now two parts, one for scanning and managing a list of plugins, and the original VST rack chainer, allowing you to create and manage a rack of effects.
Here’s some explanations on how it works :
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Note frequency calculator

This is an undocumented tool in Wavosaur, it can be useful :
go to “Tools” menu and select “Note frequency calculator”
this simple windows shows up :


Select the note in the drop down list, the octave and the alteration : none, flat or sharp.
the “Hertz” textfield will give you the frequency value for the traditional Western music scale.

Another useful thing is this midi note hex values array :