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Wavosaur 1.5 UPDATE !! New version

Wavosaur 1.5 for Windows is released !!


Wavosaur !!!!!!!!!!

Wavosaur 1.5 for all the family

And now REDO is full working, here’s the list of changes :

  • “View Widget” added (in View menu).
  • Redo implemented:
    • Full support for all features.
    • All in RAM option (recommended for x64), option in editor configuration dialog.
  • VST Rack:
    • Popup menu on right click on VST rack.
    • Add VST with double click on VST list.
    • Popup menu on right click on VST List: suppress & add to rack.
    • Bug fix for Idle message from some old VSTs.
    • Support of keyboard keys (suppr).
  • Select from start or stop menu added (in Edit).
  • Batch processor VST processing bug fixed.
  • Progress bar: Percent progression added.
  • Bug fix on global display for Windows 10 resizing.

Keep the good vibe

How to change Wavosaur VST host tempo

Some VST plugins effects you can use in Wavosaur sometimes need a tempo information in BPM.
Think about delay for example, with 1 BAR 1/2 1/4 1/8 etc..

So you may need to change the host tempo.
this is how you can do it in Wavosaur :

1. go to “Options” menu
2. open “Editor configuration”
3. type a tempo value i(n beat per minute) into the “VST host tempo” textfield
4. validate by clicking on “OK” button

Wavosaur editor configuration

Wavosaur editor configuration

Wavosaur for Mac ! with Wineskin

Wavosaur for Mac OS X : works !

Wavosaur for Mac OS X : works !

If you want to run Wavosaur audio editor on MAC OS X, it’s now possible : with Wineskin, one can do a wrapper that handle a Windows software into a Mac app.
And we have done it for you !

Download Wavosaur for MAC OS X

=>  Wavosaur for MAC OS X  <=

It has been tested and works for :

  • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • OS X 10.7 Lion
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks

VST plugins are working : just be sure to use the Windows dll version (not the Mac version)
Download the ready-to-use Mac app or follow this guide for building a Wavosaur application for MAC :

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how to bitcrush with Wavosaur

If you need to add some LOFI grit to your drums, and / or to sample reduce to sound like a sick 8 bit sampler. You want the harsh sound of quantization error, or the sweet ugliness of aliasing.

you got all you need in Wavosaur !

Here we talk about sample reducing used as a special effect. The final goal is to have something not transparent.


How to change sample rate in Wavosaur

Go to “Process” menu then select “Resample”, this windows appears :

resample window

resample window