Wavosaur 1.8 is OUT : COME ON LET’S DO IT !

Wavosaur new version is alive and kickin’ !
Version 1.8 in da House, let’s see the beast :

Wavosaur back from hell!

Wavosaur 1.8 is here


Features =>

– New VST dialog box for plugin GUI:

  • Resizing bug fixed
  • Plugin name and dll name display
  • Status bar, menu and toolbar for plugin control
  • Mute button fonction to disconnect plugin
  • Load & save banks and presets
  • Resizable VST GUI full support

– New “VST/Midi bridge”:

  • VST parameter are now management via midi CC (see manual for more detailled infos)
  • Update of midi configuration dialog box

– New “VST Tweaker”:

  • Display of all VST parameters
  • Support of VST without GUI
  • Parameter value, label and name displayed
  • Usable with mouse wheel
  • Configurable view for low/high res screens (saved in ini file)

– New “VST Scanner”:

  • New scanner with independant processing of plugin to avoid crash with unstable plugins
  • Use of WavosaurVSTScan.exe mandatory (same directory)

– VST Rack:

  • Mute added in popup menu (mute the selected plugin)
  • VST plugin properties dialog box
  • No window close on ‘return’ key pressed
  • Renaming of plugin in rack and list
  • Host support for open/save dialog
  • Support of parameter automation
  • Option to keep VST rack (saved in wavosaur.sor) to reload it at startup

– MP3 decoding bug with corrupted files fixed
– Playbar resynchro during selection change for loop
– Vu meter, Widget and VST processing bug fixed (for file closed)
– New Wavosaur debug features:

  • New dialog box in help menu
  • Code from Wavosaur support to activate debug functions

– Optimisation audit & task force for timing and speed:

  • Player, widget global graphic interface
  • Full display for zoom

– New recent file dialog box:

  • New dockable (left/right) and reziable dialog for recent file
  • All recent files are saved in wavosaurrecentfiles.ini file
  • Name and path views

– New file browser dockable dialog box:

  • Simple and efficient file tree with audio
  • Double click to load file
  • Path saved wavosaurbrowser.ini file
  • File filters fully editable in ini file

– Editor frame rate is now available un cfg file for advanced users
– Sampling rate and audio device are now on the main frame pane
– Double click on dB bar (channel solo) change without select all
– Audio driver:

  • Relaunched after audio configurations


  • Bug corrected for 24bits drivers (LSB)
  • Compatibility improvement for ASIO4all change of buffer size
  • Correction for multichannel drivers
  • Sample rate frequency detection

– Midi:

  • Midi panning correction
  • Midi commands are now in fully editable “wavosaurmidicommand.ini”
  • Evolution UC33 midi controller compatibility improvement

– New toolbar size, buttons added for oscillo & sonogram
– Main frame: filter to aifc, aff and snd added in open dialog box

Rave Generator 2 In Mac OS X Catalina [WORKS!]

RaveGenerator 2 Get Ready 4 Catalina

Rave Generator 2 VST/AU :
how to make it work in Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)

“Help !!! My super funky cool RaveGenerator 2 plugin isn’t working anymore in Catalina !”
“Damn ! New Mac OS Catalina broke my favorite VST/AudioUnit for RAVE sounds”
“I wish i had never upgraded ! ”
“The end of the earth is upon us. Pretty soon it’ll all turn to dust ! SO GET UP”
Forget the past and follow these steps :

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Wavosaur 1.7 UPDATE ! Get Ready 4 This

Can you believe it ? Wavosaur now updated to v1.7 ! Check this out => https://www.wavosaur.com/download.php

Wavosaur is coming at ya

The new Oscilloscope (just press “O”) is ultra cool and beautiful => TRY IT !

If you have tons of RAM and use the 64 bit version, don’t forget to check “Undo in RAM” in Menu->Options->Editor Configuration : this will speed up the editing (on large files).

And remember to keep the vibe !

Wavosaur 1.5 UPDATE !! New version

Wavosaur 1.5 for Windows is released !!


Wavosaur !!!!!!!!!!

Wavosaur 1.5 for all the family

And now REDO is full working, here’s the list of changes :

  • “View Widget” added (in View menu).
  • Redo implemented:
    • Full support for all features.
    • All in RAM option (recommended for x64), option in editor configuration dialog.
  • VST Rack:
    • Popup menu on right click on VST rack.
    • Add VST with double click on VST list.
    • Popup menu on right click on VST List: suppress & add to rack.
    • Bug fix for Idle message from some old VSTs.
    • Support of keyboard keys (suppr).
  • Select from start or stop menu added (in Edit).
  • Batch processor VST processing bug fixed.
  • Progress bar: Percent progression added.
  • Bug fix on global display for Windows 10 resizing.

Keep the good vibe

Rave Generator 2 VST / AudioUnit : the stab machine is back in the house !

Rave Generator 2 free plugin for Mac / Windows / Linux

Rave Generator 2 : Back From Hell !

Rave Generator 2 : Back From Hell !

Everybody should know the first version of the famous RaveGenerator VST plugin : a rompler with a lot of funky rave stabs/samples coming straight from the 90’s, for the late-to-the-party, here’s the link with full description : https://blog.wavosaur.com/rave-generator-vst-free-90s-stab-synth/

Now the version 2 is ready and full of improvements :

  • Mac OS X, Windows and Linux compatible VST ! + AudioUnit version for Logic users.
  • up to 147 internal sounds.
  • sampler vs rompler : you can  load your own samples !
  • you can layer samples (up to 16 sounds).
  • multi timbral : you can assign different MIDI channels to each sample.
  • editable / automatable loop points per sample.
  • tune/pan/volume + volume & pitch envelope per sample.
  • AKAIZE effect from hell for your speed garage time-stretched vooooiiiicccceees.
  • reverse, awful delay, green colors, working embeded keyboard.
  • pitch bend.

Download for FREE!

Rave Generator 2 VST (Windows)

Rave Generator 2 VST/AU (Mac OS X)

Rave Generator 2 VST (Linux)

The plugin is available in 32 & 64 bit, it comes with a user guide in PDF format.


If you like and want to encourage, don’t hesitate to donate anything you want 🙂 =>

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Beta testers needed for RaveGenerator 2 MAC OS X

Hi everybody,

after a long and painful porting, the RaveGenerator 2 VST/AU is ready for beta testing on Mac OS X!

look at the beast :

RaveGenerator 2 is coming on MAC

RaveGenerator 2 is coming on MAC

if you have a MAC, don’t hesitate to try the beta version.
leave a message in the comments or write an email to : contact@wavosaur.com

and don’t forget to give details about your configuration :

  • 32 or 64 bit
  • OS version
  • what host are you using (32 or 64 bit, what version).

so far i tested in Ableton 9.2.3 32 bit, Renoise 64 bit, Reaper 64, VSTLord, AULab
seems to work 🙂

Come on don’t be shy !!