Snap to zero crossing in Wavosaur

Wavosaur can do “snap to zero crossing” when you make a selection with the mouse.
This feature is undocumented in the manual.
Snap to zero crossing can be useful, for example when you want to make a seamless loop.

You have 3 ways to set / unset this feature:

1) use this keyboard shortcut : CTRL + B
this is the fastest way to turn on/off the snap to zero crossing feature!

2) or go to “Options” menu then select “Snap to zero crossing”


3) or go to “Options” menu then select “Editor configuration”, you have a “Snap to zero crossing” checkbox under “Selection”



once you have turned this feature on, the selection start and selection end will automatically readjust to find the nearest zero crossing.
This example shows you how it works on a selection

first image : this is the selection you have made, BEFORE releasing the mouse :

second image : now the selection, automatically readjustedn AFTER releasing the mouse :


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