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how to bitcrush with Wavosaur

If you need to add some LOFI grit to your drums, and / or to sample reduce to sound like a sick 8 bit sampler. You want the harsh sound of quantization error, or the sweet ugliness of aliasing.

you got all you need in Wavosaur !

Here we talk about sample reducing used as a special effect. The final goal is to have something not transparent.


How to change sample rate in Wavosaur

Go to “Process” menu then select “Resample”, this windows appears :

resample window

resample window

Delay presets experiment with BlueDelay VST

One of the most used effect in music production / sound design / FX is the DELAY.
Many VST delay plugins are available, from very expensive to absolutely free.
Wavosaur can host VST plugins, with his VST rack, and it also can load presets ! single preset FXP or presrt bank (FXB)

We have picked one of the best (and oldest) reverb plugin and made about 10 presets to show all you can do with simple delays : Blue Delay VST !! by Digilogue

BlueDelay VST plugin

BlueDelay VST plugin

Information and download blueline vst pack @
Download 10 presets for bluedelay ! => bank.fxb

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Wavosaur is out : new version, now in 64 bit too !

Wavosaur, now available in 64 bit

Wavosaur, now available in 64 bit

Wavosaur has been updated !
The version is now ready for download :

Wavosaur is now available as 32 bit application AND 64 bit application !
The 64 bit version runs natively on 64 bit Windows system, like Windows 7 and Windows 8, this means Wavosaur can adress more RAM. And of course can run 64 bit VST plugins.

In this version we also fix bug with the VST host, that was causing some plugins to stop working, like the Izotope plugins.
The VST compatibility is improved !

how to recover from a low level /noisy recording

Imagine you’ve just made some recordings using a digital recorder, and when importing the files into an audio editor : the volume is too low ! you can barely hear what have been recorded.

And of course, you can’t re-record with a good level.
This happens too if you get files from someone, and the files were badly recorded.

The level is low, let's volumize it !

The level is low, let’s volumize it !

How to get back you recording to the right level with Wavosaur

Easy ! just crank up the volume!
Sometimes it’s just easy as that, but depending on your recording, it can be more complex.
We present four methods, and in which case you may use one method or another : Continue reading

Wavosaur in Linux ! with wine

Wavosaur with VST Effect !! Linux !

Wavosaur with VST Effect !! Linux !

You are a Wavosaur user and want to use it on Linux ?
You are a Linux user and not satisfied with the free audio editors for Linux ?
You want another free audio editor for Linux ?

You can do it ! don’t hesitate to refer to this post in our Wavosaur forum :

We have tested with:

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De-essing : clean up your vocals ! (free de-esser VST’s)

You have just recorded vocals, you did not forget the anti-pop filter BUT
some harsh sounds still remain. sss
How to get rid of those annoying sibilances, harsh sound on “s” “ss” “sh” “ch” “z” ?

=> You can edit by hand if you have time, but it can be very tedioussss !

Or you can use a DE-ESSER, for automatically remove those annoying “s” in your vocal.
We have selected 3 FREE VST plugins you can use in Wavosaur or any audio editor or sequencer, that does the job ! let’s go :

1. Spitfish

DigitalFishPhones SPITFISH VST

DigitalFishPhones SPITFISH VST

download for free ! =>

The gool old VST by DigitalFishPhones, it’s dead simple, and nothing prevents you from using two Spitfish in serie. It removes efficiently the “sss” sound.

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How to get the big FM radio sound (with free plugin !)

How to get the radio FM broadcast processing ?

loud & proud

loud & proud

You have music that you want to broadcast, you have set up a web radio, and now you need this “FM radio sound” : loud, clear and powerful.


You can set up a chain of effects to try to achieve this FM radio sound : multiband compressor (s), equalizer, enhancer… Or you can try this “all in one” FREE plugin, intended for FM broadcasting :
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