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Extract vocals from song with kn0ck0ut VST

Another question our users often ask is “how to extract voice from songs ?”, “how can i make an acapella of this song” ? etc..
Vocal isolation is a black science, it’s the voodoo of audio processing… or just a good old spectral substraction !

The principle is basic, find a part of the song without the voice, and substract it from a part with the voice, so you are left with only the voice part. The ideal situation is where you have the normal song (voice + music) and an instrumental version of the same song.

The magic voice isolator plugin exists !! and it’s free. Continue reading

how to bitcrush with Wavosaur

If you need to add some LOFI grit to your drums, and / or to sample reduce to sound like a sick 8 bit sampler. You want the harsh sound of quantization error, or the sweet ugliness of aliasing.

you got all you need in Wavosaur !

Here we talk about sample reducing used as a special effect. The final goal is to have something not transparent.


How to change sample rate in Wavosaur

Go to “Process” menu then select “Resample”, this windows appears :

resample window

resample window

Wavosaur in Linux ! with wine

Wavosaur with VST Effect !! Linux !

Wavosaur with VST Effect !! Linux !

You are a Wavosaur user and want to use it on Linux ?
You are a Linux user and not satisfied with the free audio editors for Linux ?
You want another free audio editor for Linux ?

You can do it ! don’t hesitate to refer to this post in our Wavosaur forum :

We have tested with:

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How to get the big FM radio sound (with free plugin !)

How to get the radio FM broadcast processing ?

loud & proud

loud & proud

You have music that you want to broadcast, you have set up a web radio, and now you need this “FM radio sound” : loud, clear and powerful.


You can set up a chain of effects to try to achieve this FM radio sound : multiband compressor (s), equalizer, enhancer… Or you can try this “all in one” FREE plugin, intended for FM broadcasting :
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Remove vocals from songs (part 1)

Voice removal is one of the most demanded feature, a request that often appears on our forum. Every now and then, there’s a user that want to remove the vocals from his songs !

Elvis Has Left The Building

Elvis Has Left The Building

It’s a dream for karaoke fan, but in the reality, this is (nearly) impossible to remove one part of a song (without making several damages to the song), here’s some explanations and good tips :

But there are exceptions ! nothing is lost.



A very simple and fast technique for removing voice from a song is Center Channel Extraction. We can call it “center material removal”, or “mono removal”, in Wavosaur it’s called “vocal remover” !!

remove ‘center material’

When dealing with stereo files, it’s very easy to remove all the mono sounds : Continue reading

Robot voice in Wavosaur : robotize your voice (only with native effects)

Adding a metalic feeling to any voice to make it sound like a robot is easy.
Of course if you want the extra funkyness you can use a vocoder plugin in Wavosaur
But to change your voice into a nice robot (not a bad robot, this will be for a next tutorial), just 2 or 3 clicks are necessary :

For simpler & faster results, you can use amplitude modulation

How to sound like a robot ?

1) launch Wavosaur and load a voice sample

2) go to Menu Tools -> Synthesis -> Simple

Synthesis tool menu

Synthesis tool menu

3) now use these values for the parameters :

– Frequency : 75 Hz
– Type : Sinus
– Volume : 0 dB
– Apply : “Apply on all current file” OR “Apply only on selection” if you just want to robotize a selection you made on your file
– Advanced : Multiply with audio file  – this is the most important! this is the Amplitude modulation! –

Synthesis tool

Synthesis tool

4) click the “OK” button

Now you should have results like this :



extra bonus more plus (gating)  :

Of course you can try other values for the frequency, if you select low frequency values (under 20 Hz), you start to have a tremolo effect, or gate effect if you change the waveform to abs square
but the synthesis tool is not well suited for gate effect, for that, there is the gapper effect

go to Menu Effect -> Gapper

Gate me !

Gate me !

Now you can select smoother waveforms for gating your file (and apply fade in/out to prevent click noises)



Slice me tender : chop your breakbeats !

Sometimes you need to slice your breakbeat samples into small pieces, with just the hits, then you can import the parts into any sampler / synth / etc to re arrange, change speed, apply effect individually, whatever you want.

This is only 2 or 3 click in Wavosaur !

All the features you need are already in Wavosaur : auto-slice and export all regions.


How to auto slice a breakbeat / drum loop in Wavosaur ?

1) launch Wavosaur and load a funky breakbeat, or groovy drum loop


breakbeat slicing

breakbeat slicing


2) Select Menu Tools -> Slicing/Region -> Auto slice region

auto slice feature

slice me in the morning


as you can see, you have now 7 markers automatically inserted, determining 8 regions.
you can manually add markers if you want to create more /  smaller regions.


3) now go to Menu File -> Export -> Export all regions

exporting all region into multiples samples

exporting all regions into multiples samples

This will save 8 samples, with the name you choose and a suffix : breakbeat-sample_M000 to breakbeat-sample_M008


4) bonus track :

in the Slicing / Region submenu you have another funky feature : “Scrambling regions
once you have defined region (automatically with auto slice or manually), the scrambling feature will change the position of the region, in a random way.

now let’s add some pitch shifting (Menu Process -> Pitch Shift -> Simple) and … INSTANT JUNGLE !!

Original drum loop :


Auto slice + scramble region + pitch shift :


Auto slice + scramble region + pitch shift + a little reverse on some snare