Wavosaur as Adobe Audition

Skin your saur !


You can change the apparence of Wavosaur (mainly the colors !), you can make it look like the picture above.
This groovy Wavelab skin was made by one of our funky user : thanks to sinewav !
and you can download the skin here : http://brianhilmers.com/misc/wavosaur-as-adobe-audition-1.5.zip

How to install a new Wavosaur skin

– load a skin (it often comes in a zip archive)
– extract the archive, you should have a .skin file
– launch Wavosaur and go to menu Options -> Color and skin configuration -> load skin- locate and load the .skin file !

here’s some juicy skins files : http://www.wavosaur.com/skins.php


How to make a new Skin

– you can use our online skin maker : http://www.wavosaur.com/skin-your-saur/skinosaur-online.php
– with this online tool you can upload an image, change the colors, then click “generate” to generate a .skin file (in a tar.gz archive)


How to change the colors without loading new skin

– go to menu Options -> Colors and skin configuration -> Editor colors

the color editor

the color editor

Use “select” to change the color of the items.
there is more choice than with the online skin editor.

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