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Slice me tender : chop your breakbeats !

Sometimes you need to slice your breakbeat samples into small pieces, with just the hits, then you can import the parts into any sampler / synth / etc to re arrange, change speed, apply effect individually, whatever you want.

This is only 2 or 3 click in Wavosaur !

All the features you need are already in Wavosaur : auto-slice and export all regions.


How to auto slice a breakbeat / drum loop in Wavosaur ?

1) launch Wavosaur and load a funky breakbeat, or groovy drum loop


breakbeat slicing

breakbeat slicing


2) Select Menu Tools -> Slicing/Region -> Auto slice region

auto slice feature

slice me in the morning


as you can see, you have now 7 markers automatically inserted, determining 8 regions.
you can manually add markers if you want to create more /  smaller regions.


3) now go to Menu File -> Export -> Export all regions

exporting all region into multiples samples

exporting all regions into multiples samples

This will save 8 samples, with the name you choose and a suffix : breakbeat-sample_M000 to breakbeat-sample_M008


4) bonus track :

in the Slicing / Region submenu you have another funky feature : “Scrambling regions
once you have defined region (automatically with auto slice or manually), the scrambling feature will change the position of the region, in a random way.

now let’s add some pitch shifting (Menu Process -> Pitch Shift -> Simple) and … INSTANT JUNGLE !!

Original drum loop :


Auto slice + scramble region + pitch shift :


Auto slice + scramble region + pitch shift + a little reverse on some snare