Delay presets experiment with BlueDelay VST

One of the most used effect in music production / sound design / FX is the DELAY.
Many VST delay plugins are available, from very expensive to absolutely free.
Wavosaur can host VST plugins, with his VST rack, and it also can load presets ! single preset FXP or presrt bank (FXB)

We have picked one of the best (and oldest) reverb plugin and made about 10 presets to show all you can do with simple delays : Blue Delay VST !! by Digilogue

BlueDelay VST plugin

BlueDelay VST plugin

Information and download blueline vst pack @
Download 10 presets for bluedelay ! => bank.fxb

Basically, we play with these three parameters to create different kind of FX, from echo to flanger :

  • delay time
  • feedback
  • filter

Here’s some quick examples demo of these presets, used on a vocal :

Slap delay ! a short single delay, a very classic effect, ideal for voice, old school but immortal


“Space” FX, there’s no echo in space, but this one is stellar !


Robot voice : a nice robot, not a bad robot with red eyes


Dub delay : thanks to the lowpass filter and a high feedback


Metallic FX : a nice voice FX


Flanging Vocodizer : the shorter we come! low low delay time


Into the Crypt : creeeepy


– download free preset bank FXB : bank.fxb– open Wavosaur
– load a sound file
– open VST rack in Wavosaur
– load BlueDelay VST
– click on “load FXB” and choose the BlueDelay-preset bank.fxb file

you can click on the preset name to load the preset:

Presets list in VST rack

Presets list in VST rack

2 thoughts on “Delay presets experiment with BlueDelay VST

  1. Klemperer

    Thanks! And a nice thing that you used one of that great bundle plugins. I sent the developer 25 Euro or what he asked for in 2002, but never heard of him 🙂 so I thought the plugins would not exist any longer.


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