How to update Wavosaur

Update now !

Update now !

When a new version of Wavosaur is available for download, many users ask how to update Wavosaur. Wavosaur has no installer, so there is no “uninstaller”. Some users aren’t comfortable with this!

How does it work ? !

Wavosaur is a single executable, if you have wavosaur.exe you got all you need !
When launched for the first time, the application create two text files to store user configuration informations : wavosaur.ini and wavosaur.cfg. These files store information like :

  • The icons & toolbars arrangement
  • the last opened files
  • the last mp3 bitrate selected in the export dialog
  • the audio & editor configuration
  • etc..

If you want to keep these informations when updating Wavosaur, just replace the old wavosaur.exe file with the new wavosaur.exe.

The new wavosaur.exe file is in the zip archive you can download here : We recommend using 7zip, or winrar, or winzip, or whatever you want to extract the exe file from the archive. Or in worst case : extract files from a zipped compressed file

Note that Wavosaur also create a “wavosaur.vst” file if you use the “scan VST” feature.
It works like the two other configuration files.

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