Record what you hear in audio output

Record anything

Record anything



You have some audio recording capable sofwares like Wavosaur or Streamosaur, and you want to record the audio output of your computer.
It is useful when you need to :

  • record web radio
  • sample live audio streaming
  • record what is played on website like youtube
  • record / sample quotes from movies
  • record internet phone conversations
  • etc..!

If you have a decent soundcard, it should come with drivers that are able to provide some kind of routing, like the “directwire” from Waveterminal 192L :

Directwire : connect any output to any input !

Directwire : connect any output to any input !

What if i only have the internal soundcard of my computer ?

Now since Window Vista / 7, the audio configuration in Windows is a little more cumbersome.

1) open the configuration panel, choose the “classic view”

Windows control panel

Windows control panel


2) click on “sound”, then go to the “Recording” panel, this is where the software device inputs should appear.

Sounds confinguration

Sound confinguration


3) now right click in this window and select “Show Disable Device”, a new recording device should show up : “Stereo Mix”

Stereo Mix is here !

Stereo Mix is here !

4) If the Stereo Mix device is not activated, right click on it and select “Enable”

Enable stereo mix

Enable stereo mix

5) open Wavosaur, go to menu “Options” and select “Audio Configuration”

The stereo mix is in the “Audio in” tab, you are now able to select it, and record whatever is playing on the computer


Use Wavosaur if you want to sample a short phrase, or a song from a webradio, or a little DJ mix. Use Streamosaur if you want to make longer recording, and directly encoded in  mp3 format.

2 thoughts on “Record what you hear in audio output

  1. Bryan Blackburn

    can we record what we are playing in a daw. I notice weird fx happening when I play a vsti like synth 1 and when I change presets the sound freaks out but it never works to create that same fx when rendered. So I guess what I am saying is there a way to record the live sound coming from my monitors when I am say using Sonar and not really recording a piece but just messing around. Say slap it on a bus as a vst or rewire.

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      It should work , but it could be simpler and faster to use a “VST live recorder” inside the DAW:

      i know TapeIt , HGS Wav recorder that are freeware and many other

      just insert the recorder plugin on the master bus!

      Synth1 has some “bugs” when changing presets while playing : particularly with presets with high delay feedback. sometims this create interseting weird effects


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