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De-essing : clean up your vocals ! (free de-esser VST’s)

You have just recorded vocals, you did not forget the anti-pop filter BUT
some harsh sounds still remain. sss
How to get rid of those annoying sibilances, harsh sound on “s” “ss” “sh” “ch” “z” ?

=> You can edit by hand if you have time, but it can be very tedioussss !

Or you can use a DE-ESSER, for automatically remove those annoying “s” in your vocal.
We have selected 3 FREE VST plugins you can use in Wavosaur or any audio editor or sequencer, that does the job ! let’s go :

1. Spitfish

DigitalFishPhones SPITFISH VST

DigitalFishPhones SPITFISH VST

download for free ! => http://www.digitalfishphones.com/main.php?item=2&subItem=5

The gool old VST by DigitalFishPhones, it’s dead simple, and nothing prevents you from using two Spitfish in serie. It removes efficiently the “sss” sound.

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The 5 best free VST reverb

More music, less talk :

1. Knufinke SIR1 reverb plugin

SIR 1 Reverb VST plugin

SIR 1 Reverb VST plugin

More info and free download @ http://www.knufinke.de/sir/sir1.php

The well known free convolution VST reverb. Convolution reverb is a processing plugin that need an impulse response file. Impulse response is the response of a dynamic system when this system is feeded with an impulse. This gives (an approximation of) the transfer function of the system, the system can be a reverb unit, an open space, a room , etc..

The signal we send to the plugin is convolved with the transfer function of the system : the output is “like if we sent this signal in the modelized system)


The SIR1 reverb comes with two impulse response example, but of course you’ll need more than two impulse response files to cover a large variety of reverb (plate, spring reverb, cathedral, stadium, natural spaces, theater, small room, big room, etc..)

Magic of the internet ! you can find impulse response files ! and for free
Some nice free Impulse Response IR files can be found there :


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How to get the big FM radio sound (with free plugin !)

How to get the radio FM broadcast processing ?

loud & proud

loud & proud

You have music that you want to broadcast, you have set up a web radio, and now you need this “FM radio sound” : loud, clear and powerful.


You can set up a chain of effects to try to achieve this FM radio sound : multiband compressor (s), equalizer, enhancer… Or you can try this “all in one” FREE plugin, intended for FM broadcasting :
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