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4 free Arp Odyssey VST emulation (+128 presets!)

The scaled-down version of the Arp 2600 ! the famous Arp Odyssey appeared in 1972.
Some free VSTi try to recreate the analog sound of the Arp Odyssey, with its funky modulations.
Here’s a selection of 4 freeware plugins.

Come on now !

1. ODSay VST by ElektroStudio

OSDay Free VSTi

OSDay Free VSTi

Free download and infos : http://www.elektrostudio.ovh.org/index.php?go=odsay

The guys from Elektrostudio did it again!
The VST is souding good. It also adds a chorus and a delay that are not present in the hardware model.

here’s a bank of 128 presets for ODsay VST : download now !! Chris bank for ODsay

sample & hold pad

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Synth1 presets : Chris Bank volume 2

This is the follow up of my previous preset bank for the classic Synth1 VSTi.
You will find 128 presets, from ’80s oriented sounds to wobble wub wub dubstep wub sounds to the most hardcore gabber horrifying drumz.
Also included : a cowbell.
Click on the link to download the Synth1 presets bank :

–>  download Synth1 Chris Bank Vol 2 <–


Don’t hesitate to use the modwheel on some presets.
here’s the patch list :

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