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Wavosaur 1.8 is OUT : COME ON LET’S DO IT !

Wavosaur new version is alive and kickin’ !
Version 1.8 in da House, let’s see the beast :

Wavosaur back from hell!

Wavosaur 1.8 is here


Features =>

– New VST dialog box for plugin GUI:

  • Resizing bug fixed
  • Plugin name and dll name display
  • Status bar, menu and toolbar for plugin control
  • Mute button fonction to disconnect plugin
  • Load & save banks and presets
  • Resizable VST GUI full support

– New “VST/Midi bridge”:

  • VST parameter are now management via midi CC (see manual for more detailled infos)
  • Update of midi configuration dialog box

– New “VST Tweaker”:

  • Display of all VST parameters
  • Support of VST without GUI
  • Parameter value, label and name displayed
  • Usable with mouse wheel
  • Configurable view for low/high res screens (saved in ini file)

– New “VST Scanner”:

  • New scanner with independant processing of plugin to avoid crash with unstable plugins
  • Use of WavosaurVSTScan.exe mandatory (same directory)

– VST Rack:

  • Mute added in popup menu (mute the selected plugin)
  • VST plugin properties dialog box
  • No window close on ‘return’ key pressed
  • Renaming of plugin in rack and list
  • Host support for open/save dialog
  • Support of parameter automation
  • Option to keep VST rack (saved in wavosaur.sor) to reload it at startup

– MP3 decoding bug with corrupted files fixed
– Playbar resynchro during selection change for loop
– Vu meter, Widget and VST processing bug fixed (for file closed)
– New Wavosaur debug features:

  • New dialog box in help menu
  • Code from Wavosaur support to activate debug functions

– Optimisation audit & task force for timing and speed:

  • Player, widget global graphic interface
  • Full display for zoom

– New recent file dialog box:

  • New dockable (left/right) and reziable dialog for recent file
  • All recent files are saved in wavosaurrecentfiles.ini file
  • Name and path views

– New file browser dockable dialog box:

  • Simple and efficient file tree with audio
  • Double click to load file
  • Path saved wavosaurbrowser.ini file
  • File filters fully editable in ini file

– Editor frame rate is now available un cfg file for advanced users
– Sampling rate and audio device are now on the main frame pane
– Double click on dB bar (channel solo) change without select all
– Audio driver:

  • Relaunched after audio configurations


  • Bug corrected for 24bits drivers (LSB)
  • Compatibility improvement for ASIO4all change of buffer size
  • Correction for multichannel drivers
  • Sample rate frequency detection

– Midi:

  • Midi panning correction
  • Midi commands are now in fully editable “wavosaurmidicommand.ini”
  • Evolution UC33 midi controller compatibility improvement

– New toolbar size, buttons added for oscillo & sonogram
– Main frame: filter to aifc, aff and snd added in open dialog box