Wavosaur is Back in the House !

A new version of the funky free audio editor is available :

=> http://www.wavosaur.com/download.php <=

download now ! and don’t forget to donate

Look at the beast :

Wavosaur 2017 for all

Wavosaur 2017 for all

with some funky widget : spectrum / osciloscope,  + a brand new funky bar on the top of the sample views

here’s the delta :

– Discover new Wavosaur Widgets: Widgets are plugings completely dockable windows with high performance measurements for various audio parameters:
– Real time ouput FFT (multichannel)
– RMS power measurements
– Scope mode for output signal visualization
– Panning for stereo analysis
– Lot’s of bug corrections/optimizations x86 & x64 bits
– Channel processing
– Auxiliary left and auxiliary right channel convertion to mono
– Convertion to mono optimized with mix of only selected channels
– New “Select all” feature on right click
– New FXP and FXB management with strong support of Steinberg VST program and bank files

Wavosaur 4 ever !

10 thoughts on “Wavosaur is Back in the House !

  1. karen

    Thanks for the cool software. I tried to use your “donate’ button but it doesn’t seem to work (doesn’t link to anything? ) Could be my ad-block software but maybe look into it? Happy to help you out a little.

  2. Brandon

    I’ve downloaded the latest Wavosaur, but the one I had about 1 year ago had more functions/effects like delay, chorus, etc…

    Am I missing the correct location for these effects? Or is there a way to install them?


  3. Write My Essay

    AudioFX from cyanogenmod works really well for me. Either download it through the app called cyan apps on play store or google for an apk.


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