Rave Generator 2 VST / AudioUnit : the stab machine is back in the house !

Rave Generator 2 free plugin for Mac / Windows / Linux

Rave Generator 2 : Back From Hell !

Rave Generator 2 : Back From Hell !

Everybody should know the first version of the famous RaveGenerator VST plugin : a rompler with a lot of funky rave stabs/samples coming straight from the 90’s, for the late-to-the-party, here’s the link with full description : https://blog.wavosaur.com/rave-generator-vst-free-90s-stab-synth/

Now the version 2 is ready and full of improvements :

  • Mac OS X, Windows and Linux compatible VST ! + AudioUnit version for Logic users.
  • up to 147 internal sounds.
  • sampler vs rompler : you can  load your own samples !
  • you can layer samples (up to 16 sounds).
  • multi timbral : you can assign different MIDI channels to each sample.
  • editable / automatable loop points per sample.
  • tune/pan/volume + volume & pitch envelope per sample.
  • AKAIZE effect from hell for your speed garage time-stretched vooooiiiicccceees.
  • reverse, awful delay, green colors, working embeded keyboard.
  • pitch bend.

Download for FREE!

Rave Generator 2 VST (Windows)

Rave Generator 2 VST/AU (Mac OS X)

Rave Generator 2 VST (Linux)

The plugin is available in 32 & 64 bit, it comes with a user guide in PDF format.


If you like and want to encourage, don’t hesitate to donate anything you want 🙂 =>


Mac OS X  :
The plugin need Mac OS X 10.8.4 (Mountain Lion) or newer, if you have 10.6 or 10.7, drop me an email and i -can- provide you an alpha version : this version has not been tested and lack some features !

Unlike the VST/AU Speek, this time i didn’t code the AudioUnit “from scratch” but used the incredible Symbiosis VST / AU from NuEdge : http://nuedge.net/article/5-symbiosis
a big thank to the author !

There are still some limitations / small bugs, please read the user guide & FAQ text.
I’ll fix that in next release. I’ve also planned to add some features (most wanted is the “drag and replace” sample).

The plugin is VST2 (and AudioUnit) and has been tested on Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Logic, Renoise, Reaper, Protools (via wrapper), Psycle, MadTracker, Temper, Bitwig, Tunafish, VSTHost, SaviHost, TobyBear MiniHost, Giada, Melodo, PedalBoard, AuLab, Nuendo, Ardour, EnergyXT, Studio One, Mutools, VSTLord, Cantabile, Xlutop Chainer, Maschine.


Here’s some more famous samples origin for all the old school rave loverz !

the yeah! sample

Here’s a “YEAH” sample that ended on the famous “Zero G Datafile 1 CD”
then from here it was used in TONS of rave tunes,
you WILL recognize immediately, listen to the intro of :

Derek B – Good Groove

the famous “yeah” in:

  • 2 Unlimited – Get Ready 4 This
  • Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia
  • U96 – Das Boot
  • Cascade – Do What You Wanna Do

and countless songs!


The 2 Ulimited Get Ready 4 This stab !

this one is coming from… the 70’s 🙂
Back to 1977, we have this LP with 250 super deejays jingles : perfect for your radio show.

here’s a short sample with some of the jingles :
250 discojingles

now listen to the jingle  ( @ 1’17 in the video)

and cut all but the last stab before the voice =>

Let’s load the short stab into the funky sampler and GO! Get Ready To Paaartay !

The “88 to Piano” stab

Now go back to 1988 with this funky stab we can hear on

The Minutemen – Bingo Bongo

this is probably that record that was sampled for those rave hits from the 1992 :

The Ultimate Seduction – House Nation


Mainx – 88 To Piano

and they maybe all have sampled the stab from the famous Nitro Deluxe tracks !
unlike the Inner City stab, it’s not found on the original mix but on the “dub” mix, right at the start

Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal (Dub Mix)


The “Landlord” stab again !

The real origin of the “Landlord” stab : https://www.gearslutz.com/board/electronic-music-instruments-electronic-music-production/990794-i-think-i-found-real-origin-landlord-stab.html


The Todd Terry Black Riot stab !

listen to this funky freestyle tune 🙂
specially @ 4’38

Sequal – Not Too Late Dub


The screaming aaaaaah in Cameo Money

coming from a powerful acapella from Patti Labelle and the Something Special (is Gonna Happen Tonight) funky song from 1986

this one was sampled and used with great effect on the Cameo – Money (Reese remix) and many other rave songs ! like Blame – Music Takes You.



and now go back to the studio and make some f***cking uptempo records !

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78 thoughts on “Rave Generator 2 VST / AudioUnit : the stab machine is back in the house !

  1. Brian H

    Very cool that this is still being developed. This is perfect for a project in mind, hopefully I’ll get to it this year. Thanks!

  2. Dave Skywalker

    Absolutely incredible, and has leapt to the top of my favourite VST list (sucks for you, Massive! :P)

    Loving the new timestretch and looping functionality, and the M1 piano is an unexpected gem.

    Soon as I get paid, donations coming! Absolutely splendid work.

        1. aiden travers

          Hi there, I have Mac os High Sierra 10.13.4
          I can’t get this to work “rave generator”
          Could you please assist, I followed the installation instructions and its not showing up on logic pro x.
          Kind regards

  3. mark

    hey there . i just found this version 2 and it has some great oldschool samples. after playing around with it for an hour or so ,i just have one question .is it possible to add your own samples to the library or create a library . i have some oldschool tracks to lift some sample from . would be nice to put it all in the vst and not in a seperate sampler of sorts. anyway ,keep up the good work

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      there’s a “user” folder in the sample browser, you can right click and set a path to any folder on your HD:
      this is recursive so you can have as many subfolder as you want.

      1. mark

        oh yes .. i see now.. thank you very much . i thought that was for storing presets of the samples already packed in the vst and not for my own samples . very nice indeed . thnx a lot

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      are you using the VST or AudioUnit version ?
      with the VSt it’s just a matter of loading ( all hosts can load fxp/fxb )
      but with the AU, i still have to provide an archive with the 64 preset converted to .aupreset !

  4. Shaun Armstrong

    No they don’t need clearence.Old skool hardcore is made from sampleing.You can get all the stabs in so many other sample packs in single file.Putting them in a generator is a great idea,it’s just a bit of fun.There’s really no money to be made in old skool hardcore these days.

    1. Claes Cornelius

      Can I use it as if a S-1000, load in WAVs and run things with a keyboard – it wouldn’t be Rave, it’s for making soundtracks using samples and mangling them with subsequent absolutely absurd effects afterwards. No “notes” allowed – only “sounds”. The basic name for this style is Musique Concrète – art stuff (LOL) and there will be rhythm elements as well.

      Copyright issue to do with drum groove samples “old skool”: #1 on the list is “Funky Drummer” and #2 is “White Horse”. The latter costed $5000.- but no subsequent royalties; it was a one-off fee. The recording is done by the Danish Pop outfit Laid Back with a Roland TR-808 and no special effects other EQ / compressor on each of its 8 outputs. Free samples are now available on the net and are not copyright “compositions” as would an 8-bar line of melody be. This is a comment on Makedon’s question.

  5. Dub-One

    This plug in is great, good job guys

    My only issue is when you load the vsti in cubase 9 on windows 10 it resizes your DAW back to the set resolution if you have scale and layout set to high than 100% in your display settings

  6. Varekaier

    FUckin awesome stuff! but i have a little problem 🙁 all ableton started cracking down if i try to add any element to the main window except the first folder “stabs”. Help if you can pleeeese! i have x64 mac with osx El Capitan 10.11.6

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      i have literally tons of beta testers with Mac OS X this is the first time i hear about this problem!
      does it happen all the time ? do you use the 32 or 64 bit version ? the VST or the AudioUnit ?

      1. melanzh.13

        yeap! i have some problem. Ableton crashIng down if i try add any Stabs except the first folDer 🙁
        x64 mac os 10.9.5, ableton 9.5

  7. 3ntr0py

    Anyone else having issues with Logic Pro 10.3.2 on High Sierra? For some reason it doesn’t show the AU in the plugin manager.

      1. 3ntr0py

        Hi (and thanks for the amazingly fast re),
        No luck after restarting the session (also tried to remove the component file, restarting, re-adding it to the library folder for components and restarting again.

        When running the au validator, this is what I get:

        VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: ‘aumu’ – ‘RAV2’ – ‘Wavo’
        ERROR: Cannot get Component’s Name strings
        ERROR: Error from retrieving Component Version: -50

        * * FAIL
        FATAL ERROR: didn’t find the component

    1. Adan Rios

      I’m still having trouble installing it the right way I need help it would be cool If someone would do a stap by step on how to install to a Mac with Logic Pro x thanks if not I’ll pass on this

  8. Wavosaur Post author

    where did you copy the RaveGenerator2.component file ?
    usually it works with both /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and /Users/yourusername/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components but Apple may have changed that too, maybe it only works in one of the folder and not the other..

  9. 3ntr0py

    tried both:

    ls /Users/xxxxx/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

    ls /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/

    1. jesse

      I also get the same error. I love this VST but can’t get it to work on my new iMac pro.

      Last login: Tue Oct 30 10:37:49 on console
      jesses-iMac-Pro:~ jesseheifetz$ auval -v aumu RAV2 Wavo

      AU Validation Tool
      Version: 1.6.1a1
      Copyright 2003-2013, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
      Specify -h (-help) for command options

      VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: ‘aumu’ – ‘RAV2’ – ‘Wavo’
      ERROR: Cannot get Component’s Name strings
      ERROR: Error from retrieving Component Version: -50

      * * FAIL
      FATAL ERROR: didn’t find the component
      jesses-iMac-Pro:~ jesseheifetz$

  10. michaelk

    Absolutely incredible collection of unforgettable sounds. Thank you so much for providing this!
    I have one question regarding workflow when using the RG2. You added the really cool feature to layer variable sounds in the plug in, but it automatically adds a new sound as layer when double clicking on a new sound. So if you want to a new sound only without layer you have to press the “x” and then load a new one inside. I know you offer this for free and this plug in is more about to get some sick sounds than having the perfectly programmed Vst but I just don’t get why you need to make more clicks to chose a new sound than for layering sounds, do you understand how I mean?
    But I want to say again, amazing work from you guys!

  11. ?

    To bad the plugin is not working in fl studio 12.5.1?
    And i put the dll file in vst folder, and try to search for new plugins.
    So no raving for me, and i want to go back in time :-p

    1. sma#no#acid#crew#

      “copyright infringments” ?
      haha, funny one. where were you when we discussed that topic in the 90s ?

      if you thought that’d be a synths than you most definitely didnt read the description.

  12. marjorie jackson

    This idea is really cool, hope we get to know more about it so soon in future. and the great collection of sound thanks for sharing this with us. I am happy because it is available also for the window because I have seen the new technology is coming works of mac :(. and I am using window 🙂
    visit me to resolve its issues.

  13. Lucas

    Could you please send me the alpha version for 10.6
    Really looking forward to giving this some use.

    Best regards.


  14. alexander

    what the fuck is this akaize effect? i know this effect. i’m searching for this effect since many years. i was not able to describe this effect to other people. i haven´t found this effect in the internet. and now your ravegenerator makes this effect!!!!!
    i can`t believe that i have found this effect finally.

    thank you thank you thank you
    (could you describe me the technique behind this effect?)

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      (could you describe me the technique behind this effect?) => the old school time expand is time based basically you repeat a fixed amount of sample : “signal” become “ssssiiigggnnnnaaalll” you have to crossfade between each repetition

  15. Bennett

    Ok so I went to install the vst for FL Studio 20. I have installed 3rd party plug-ins before, and they all work, accept with this one, it will not show up no matter what I do. How do I fix this?


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  17. steve

    good work, its about time we have instruments on Linux platform, to make it worth your while, i suggest you embark on a long term project to actually design and build a whole suite of VST software instruments (synths, samplers, drum machines, effects etc), to rival and be even more superior than Komplete Ultimate at nativeinstruments.com. Reason for the demand is because native instruments don’t support Linux platform, only windows and Mac, also very expensive, you can use Komplete Ultimate suite as a template idea to start your own vst suite with over say for example, 100 different variety of instruments. effects etc, and help make the Linux platform much more musically oriented as a creative universal play ground for professionals and novice

  18. Aaron

    Can anyone tell me if the vocal samples are royalty free and usable to feature on a release?
    Would be a great help, thanks in advance.

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