4 free Arp Odyssey VST emulation (+128 presets!)

The scaled-down version of the Arp 2600 ! the famous Arp Odyssey appeared in 1972.
Some free VSTi try to recreate the analog sound of the Arp Odyssey, with its funky modulations.
Here’s a selection of 4 freeware plugins.

Come on now !

1. ODSay VST by ElektroStudio

OSDay Free VSTi

OSDay Free VSTi

Free download and infos : http://www.elektrostudio.ovh.org/index.php?go=odsay

The guys from Elektrostudio did it again!
The VST is souding good. It also adds a chorus and a delay that are not present in the hardware model.

here’s a bank of 128 presets for ODsay VST : download now !! Chris bank for ODsay

sample & hold pad

lately bass (+chorus)

hard sync

more stab house

who is Elvis


ferox bass

There are some minor problems or bug (but nothing that prevent from using it) i discovered while making presets for this :
– glide parameter is not saved per preset.
– when using the AR on VCA, the PWM modulation stop when releasing the key (it doesn’t happen with ADSR)
– LFO tempo sync on/off state is not saved per preset.
– and other bugs

but it’s the best freeware VST synth if you want an emulation of the Arp Odyssey.



2. Odyssey VST by SynthSchool

Arp Odyssey Free VST

Arp Odyssey Free VST

Download for free : http://www.synthschool.com/free-plug-ins/index.html

Created with SynthMaker. For Windows 32 bit.
Unlike the others (and his hardware model) this one is polyphonic.
It was created to be an educational tool for those who wants to learn sound synthesis.
It sounds good, and even if the readme file explains that you should make your own preset instead of using existing ones, here’s 20 presets for SynthSchool Odyssey free ! => download 20 presets

3. OddyFree VST by Chris Roberson

Oddy Free VST arp odyssey emulation!

Oddy Free VST arp odyssey emulation!

Free dl : http://web.archive.org/web/20131227220621/http://robersonaudio.tk/oddy-free/

Created with Synthedit. It works for Windows and is 32 bit.
modulations are not as efficient as the ODsay VST,  the filter fm doesn’t really work.



4. OddSE VST by EFM



info : archive & download

Created with SynthEdit. Windows 32 bit.
unlike the other, the osc2 can’t be modulated by the S&H mixer (but by the LFO square).

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  1. mynameskool

    Just downloaded the odsay vst…unfortunately..the link is down..but its avail at vast4free..thanks guys..I also downloaded the presets..any idea on how I can load them into the vst? I tried googling around but couldn’t find any precise answer…any info would be appreciated..thanks.


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