Rave Generator VST : free 90’s stab synth

Rave Generator VST

Rave Generator VST

Rave Generator VST by DJ * CSI * is a free rompler VST synth, containing many of the classic sounds of the early rave / hardcore from the 90’s.

download RaveGenerator VST for Windows (32 bit)

download RaveGenerator VST for Windows (64 bit)

When you need an old school rave stab, just load the Rave Generator VST and go through the presets ! => instant Altern 8 / 2 Unlimited / Belgium techno / hardcore gabber rave sound !

There are 64 sounds, including the T99 Anasthasia choir stab, classic hoover, Black Riot stab, the “Landlord” stab as heard in “Outlander – Vamp” and countless rave tracks, the “Inner City” stab, etc.. There’s also some funny “wooh” voice sounds. OldSchool Rave 100 % garantee.

some quick demos:

T99 rave choir stab !

Landlord Stab


We need Hoover

Funky Stab !

Revelation of a new order !

Yo soy el seigneur des los tenebros


Rave to the house

Get Ready 4 This brass Synth

Happy hardcore

Inner City This Brutal House

old school gabber

this beat is technotronic

Get Ready For the Euromasters

All the cheesy clichรฉ sounds are here ๐Ÿ™‚
Well, not all sounds in my opinion, i miss some of the most used and cool sample (like the Casio CZ organ), but i already asked DJ * CSI * for a V2 !
He asked us to host the plugin, so you can download it right now.
It’s freeware and VST2.4 compatible!

We already hope for a V2 to come very soon, we asked for some improvement and more sounds.
Don’t hesitate to make your suggestions too!


The “stab” is a short sampled burst of sound, it can be sampled from many sources (often from another record) : one classic technic is to sample a chord and then play a one finger melody with the keyboard !
Here’s some well known sample stabs and their origin :

The Inner City Stab

Sampled from the last seconds of “Nitro Deluxe – Let’s Get Brutal”, this where it started !
here’s a video showing how to do :


The Landlord Stab

Coming from the 1989 track “Landlord Feat Dex Danclair – I Like It (Blow Out Dub)“, it has been sampled and used to death in a lot of house / rave / techno / dance / hardcore tracks

TEKNONUTTER @ discogs attempted to compile as many of the tracks that use the “Landlord Stab”, here’s the list : http://www.discogs.com/lists/The-Landlord-Stab-1989-1993/154266

this one can also fit in that list ! => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaaAOyal8Oo


The quadrophonia 16 bit stab

A typical orchestra hit, probably derived from the ORCh5 Fairlight sound. The one used in Quadrophonia – Quadrophonia probably comes from the intro of the 1987 track ” 16 bit – Changing Minds “.

check at 7” :



L.A Style – James Brown is dead

Some like it, many hate it, and this was a big hit.
The famous rave choir sample comes from a Roland S-330 sample disk coming with S-330 system disk, it’s called “Ending”, it’s a good old orchestral sample with a 30.000 Hz samplerate!
Another famous sound was sampled from the end of ” Electric Light Orchestra – So Fine ” track

Check at 3’52 :


The funky chord stab as heard in “Bizarre Inc – Raise Me”

The funky stab ! starting right at the beginning of the track :

It comes from this ultra super funky track : ” D Train – You’re The One For Me (Special Dub Vocal Edit)

Right at the beginning !


The 2 Unlimited – Twilight Zone Wooh !!

This – annoying ? – snippet of vocal was used on countless dance & techno-rave-dance tracks.
Of course it comes from an accapela => ” Tramaine Hawkins – In The Morning Light

This acapella was present in the famous “Acapella Anonymous Vol. #1” bootleg
this vinyl + the Zero-G datafile sample disks + the Korg M1 Synth are responsible for at least 75% of the electronic music of the early 90’s ๐Ÿ™‚


The total Confusion / KLF / WestBam etc.. “dog bark” Woo !

This short “woo” sample was used in many rave / dance track too. It comes from the intro of ” Iggy Pop – African Man ” track :

You can hear this “woo” sample in :
KLF – Last Train To Transcentral
A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Total Confusion
Westbam – Monkey Say Monkey Do
Total Groove – Reanimator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIC5ylwgFtY


Black Riot House Stab

Todd Terry is the king of the sample, his incredible stab was re-used in so many song that we can’t list. Yes, this sound, starting @ 0′ 6″

According to jim01_78, the famous sound was sampled by Todd Terry in “Sequal – Not Too Late Dub”
I have to check in my freestyle tracks collection to check that !


The Bizarre Inc piano chord stab in “Playing with Knives”

It has been sampled from this 1989 track : ” Fidelfatti feat. Ronnette – Just Come Touch Me (Hallelujah Mix)

Here’s the video that show it :

It’s funny to notice how the 1989 track samples the Tramaine acapella ( “Sing Hallelujah!”)

Don’t forget to check the other videos from Ry Kennon => https://www.youtube.com/user/RealRyKennon/videos

118 thoughts on “Rave Generator VST : free 90’s stab synth

    1. JeniusMac

      I don’t know any mac user that produces rave or hardcore or dnb or gabber or anything cool.
      an audio unit version wouldn’t be downloaded by more than 1 or 2 people

      1. Brian

        Hello? Sorry to bust your bubble there JeniusMac. I stumbled across this, and would love to have this in either VST for Mac, or AudioUnit. As for not knowing any Mac user that produces Raveโ€ฆ I’m interested in doing it. As for not being DL’ed by more than 1 or 2 people, how do you know? It would seem to me, that if you’re trying to keep this going (providing that you’re the person who programmed this awesome VST), then having one for both platforms would seem to be a good idea.

        I remember all of the songs mentioned when they were released, and it really took me back to all those outlaw, underground parties. I’ve always wanted to have the sounds from those songs to find new homes with new MIDI notes, to pay a homage to the originals. Now, if you are indeed the person who is creating this synth, then a “thank you” is in order. So, now, you’ve been asked twice for a Mac compatible version. If you do make one, please let us know. If not, then I’ll look elsewhere. Nice site to BTW.

        1. JeniusMAC

          i am not the author of the plugin.
          i discovered this site with the tts plugin : the text2speech vst post has tons of comments, half of them asking for a mac compatible version
          then a mac compatible version was released and i didn’t see any comment for this!

          1. Yourlivinginarealitydistorionfield

            “I donโ€™t know any mac user that produces rave or hardcore or dnb or gabber or anything cool.”

            And I dont know any PC user actually writing any good rave or hardcore or dnb or gabber or anything cool like real songs with Lyrics, Melodies, harmonies ,actual chord progressions ,real instruments instead of produced, looped, swamped in fx presets…

            Sounds pretty stupid doesent it?

      2. Disco__

        >I donโ€™t know any mac user that produces rave or hardcore or dnb or gabber or anything cool.

        Holy shit you’re joking right? Almost all hardcore/hardstyle producers use logic for kick creation, and other DAWs like Cubase for sequencing

  1. RyKennon

    Thanks for including my video on here, (the Bizarre Inc – Playing with KNives Origin). I have done the D Train stab and Black Riot ones on my YouTube channel too, and also loads of other Old skool rave sample origins like 2nd generation breaks, stabs etc. I also do a vid showing you how to make rave stabs from scratch including the Nitro Deluxe/ Inner City stab ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. kenzo

    I also would love to see a MAC OSX version as shame so many MAC users would love a chance at creating some old school vibe influenced music, stabs, sounds into their musicโ€ฆoh please let it be so.

  3. Ornum? (Mac User)

    Seems to be more than the afore mentioned mac users (1 or 2 apparently) looking to download. This would be amazing to give some of my tracks that old school lick!!! Give us the Mac version, also Gabber Master if it can be arranged.;)

  4. hardcoreoverdoze

    A Linux version would be cool
    There are not so many soft synth for Linux,
    !!!!!!!!!!we !w!a!nt HarDCORE Synth

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      Overdub Test : the name says it all ! => http://www.discogs.com/Test-Overdub/master/103600
      it sounds like a saw from “any” synth into a deep reverb

      SpiritIt : i heard this sound in many productions, can’t remember what was the first to use it.

      Black riot : it’s explained in the article, it seems Todd Terry sampled a string section from a freestyle track.

      T99 Anastasia choir stab was probably sampled from Carl Orff – Carmina Burana, the O Fortuna intro. I haven’t found from what interpretation. Maybe it’s heavily effected too.

      “Woo sunshine” is a short snippet of vocal from the acapella of “Rockers Revenge – Walking on Sunshine” : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2ZXDHiRvlY

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      i have made a test with the sources given by DJ **CSI**, there”s a vst in beta test for Mac OS X 64 bit
      but i don’t think i’ll port it to 32 bit, i have done a 32 bit port for the VSTspeek and it’s a real pain in the ass. Have to maintain the old carbon shit etc.. it’s a real apple nightmare.

  5. gabber

    i am a gabber and i use a mac bcause im a graphic designer and i play vinyl and i produce gabber,rave,speedcore wot ever breakcore pls put a MAC VERSION THANKS!

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      What Mac VST host are you using ?
      the Rave Generator VST mac version is early beta, i’ve just tested with Renoise, the presets can be managed from the host, but i don’t know if it’s working if a AU-VST wrapper is involved.

        1. Monitor

          Iโ€™m using live 9,windows 8,the area to change the preset should be on top?I donโ€™t see the option to change the preset.

  6. Monitor

    i’ve been using Ableton with 7 months and I always thought it was a flaw with some third party plugins you couldn’t select presets,I never knew it was from there they were selected!!!Works perfect in Ableton windows 8 64bit(Re checked in Fl studio and with my own stupidity I found where to change presets,been a while since I used FL)Thanks a million,amazing plugin!!!

  7. Bob

    Your “old school gabber” came from a Fierce Ruling Diva track or remix, perhaps Rubb It In – it’s been a very long time ago to remember. (And that could have came from elsewhere.) Was definitely something from 1991. First time I heard Reanimator – I said that’s been sampled from Fierce Ruling Diva. Don’t like the title “old school gabber” for that sound as it’s not the origin if indeed the case. Apart from that, very good work.

  8. max foley

    for some reason i can’t get this to install, it says i need to register it for some reason. i’m using FL studio 10

  9. Diego

    Thanks mate! Loved these sounds… I missed the “piano chord stab” on the plugin ๐Ÿ˜‰ waiting for v2!

  10. Adam B

    I must be retarded I can’t get this to work in Ableton live 9, I loaded the vst it shows up in the plug ins folder and the VST loads but I can’t hear anything and I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of, what am I doing wrong? On win 8.1 64bit btw :/

  11. Dan

    I have downloaded this in both versions to use with ableton live 9 & its loading and playing but ever so quietly, i cant find a way to make it play at a decent level, have tried volume etc… Any tips?

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      that’s pretty weird
      the volume control is at max by default on most of the presets.

      don’t forget to check the velocity level of you MIDI messages

  12. processed fertiliser

    dank collection of samples broseph, just wondering how V2’s coming along and whether it will allow sample stretching (I.E. using c8 on the keyboard for example will keep the sample the same length as c3, much akin to Ableton’s sample transposition with warp enabled [and preferably the transient/complex pro algorithm]) as well as automation of the stab used so I can automate it to a different stab without using an additional channel to do so?

    take it easy and tech it hard

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      the download is a zip archive and contains 4 files :
      – a shortcut to the website
      – a readme text file
      – a FAQ text file
      – the plugin DLL file

      you just have to copy the DLL file in your VST folder, and your sequencer will scan it the next time your start it.

  13. Rina

    Awesome sounds, but I’m concerned about copyrights on these samples. If I were to upload a track that used one of these samples to Youtube or Soundcloud, I’ll bet their detection system would flag them (even thought the original songs the sounds were taken from are pretty “old” nowadays-they must still be owned by someone).

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      90’s rave music is an ode to copyright infringement, that’s part of the awesomeness of this style/era.
      Concerning all those short stabs or sampled chords i wouldn’t really worry about that.

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      the best is to use RaveGenerator V2 and load a sampled part from Twilight zone !

      the get ready brass & the wooh sources i used as sample in RaveGenerator 1 are older than Ready4This and Twilight zone ! ๐Ÿ™‚
      i still have not found the “source” for this orch hit, maybe a layer of other classic orchestral hit

  14. celtic3342

    I love to get this plugin into Samplitude and play with Black Riot or Ready for this. If this web and plugin is still in use, my question would be: will be possible to include “Encore une fois” preset in the next version?

      1. Wavosaur Post author

        you can beta test V2, for Windows, Mac or Linux, just drop an email !
        i already added a Pizzicato synth (need heavy processing to sounds like Faithless / Encore une fois / etc..)

  15. celtic3342

    I would like to test beta V2 please. Itยดs my favourite plugin from more than 2000 I have. Hours with Black Riot and variations over Airport 89 and Get Ready for this !!!!!!


  16. Arcade 1

    You know the loop you called Revelation of a new order… what records is it coming from?? I remember it being played back in 1991 I think but cant name it!

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      The “revelation” example is full of reference ๐Ÿ™‚
      The stab come from “Revelation – First Power”
      It was then resampled and used in Frank De Wulf ” Modular Expansion – Cube”, that’s the second melody i played (badly!) in the example.

      “Revelation of a new order” is also a title from a track but it has norhing to do with this particular sound

      1. Arcade 1

        Oh yes!! That Modular Expansion track is what I was talking about!
        Yeah the that title sounded familiar so I looked up through my vinyls and found a Chesnut record that has nothing to do with the rave era…

        Thanx a lot!

        Btw, this vst is awesome, too bad is not available for mac ๐Ÿ™

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      don’t know if it works with Audacity
      Are you on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux ?

      Audacity is maybe not the best choice for VST instruments, you may try a DAW instead.

    1. Thomas

      Would love to try this one out, but Ableton Live 10 crashes constantly when I scan for new plugins after I’ve added the VST to my vst-folder. Any idea what might cause it, or if theres a workaround? ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. T99

    Stop distributing the sound of T99 – Anasthasia .
    I created it . You just sampled it and make profit of it.
    You didn’t clear it .
    Make your own sounds.
    You’re just blurring the past.
    And btw : the quadrophonia stab comes from an emu sound bank . Again a false statement you make.

  18. dmcabuddy

    @T99 Stop being such a hypocrite, you sampled other artists yourself in your releases and without giving credit or clearing such sampling. Practice what you preach before lashing out at others …

  19. BackBeat 4

    Before this plugin i didn’t even know where this “Anastacia” sound come from, it’s called “RAVE CHOIR” in every sound bank i donwloaded across the web.


    Hardcore bouncy techno is coming back, old sounds mixed with new,
    So this will be a great addition to the tools I already have, a thank you to the creator and publisher of this, can’t wait to get it into a project

  21. ray

    Is there anyway of adding my own sounds/stabs to the module , no idea how to add them atm as it wont recognise wav etc and not sure how to convert a sound to the correct format.


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