Beta testers needed for RaveGenerator 2 MAC OS X

Hi everybody,

after a long and painful porting, the RaveGenerator 2 VST/AU is ready for beta testing on Mac OS X!

look at the beast :

RaveGenerator 2 is coming on MAC

RaveGenerator 2 is coming on MAC

if you have a MAC, don’t hesitate to try the beta version.
leave a message in the comments or write an email to :

and don’t forget to give details about your configuration :

  • 32 or 64 bit
  • OS version
  • what host are you using (32 or 64 bit, what version).

so far i tested in Ableton 9.2.3 32 bit, Renoise 64 bit, Reaper 64, VSTLord, AULab
seems to work :-)

Come on don’t be shy !!

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103 thoughts on “Beta testers needed for RaveGenerator 2 MAC OS X

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      email sent
      tell me if you got it
      i still have zero reply, maybe the plug had crashed the MAC so hard that other beta testers can’t use their computer anymore

  1. Haider

    Yes please! My buddy already tested the windows beta, I fell in love, have been waiting for a mac beta ever since! Would be glad to help!

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      i’ve sent you an email with the download links!
      i have many beta testers, but for the moment no one has found the monstruous bug i’ve just fixed (beta 2 is coming)


    Hello and congratulations for your classic VST sounds,

    I really wanna tested, can you send a e-mail to me with a link to install?

    Thank you very much!


  3. Ryan

    Great work! I’d be delighted to test the beta. Mavericks, El Capitan on SFOTT Mac Pros and Hackintosh. Hook me up!
    Cheers, Ryan.

  4. Keven House Of Bellamy

    Hi, I’m in a band called Magnetic Pistons. We compose all sort of electronic music. I’m mostly in the box at the moment, although we do have some analog synths. I’m using Logic pro X on a 2013 iMac quad core with Motu 1248 thunderbolt audio interface. I’ve got a degree in music technology and have worked as a recording engineer for film and music festivals. I’ve also programmed 68000 assembler, so I’m pretty good with computers. I’d love to help out as a beta tester. Get in touch with details.
    Thanks…seen it on the Pc and thought it was cool.

  5. Hoof

    Hey man! Did you already have a Logic 10.3.0 user on Mac OSX 10.11.6 around to see if these great sounds do play as expected? I would be happy to beta test this wonderful work.

    Thanks in advance,


  6. Julian

    Hey! I would love to test that beautiful beast. Using Logic Pro X on the latest MacOS. Should I mention that I am known to find bugs? :P

  7. Mikee Spice

    Hi! I would love to test this out, just what I was looking for…

    Ableton 9.7.1

    Mac, latest OSX

    DnB Producer/DJ

  8. Fank

    Hi there!

    May I try this beta, please? I just discovered the V1 and I have fallen in love, hahhaha.

    I’m working on Ableton 9.7 64 bit on mac OS El Capitan.


  9. Bren

    Really interested in trying this out and giving some feedback.

    Im running Logic Pro X 10.2.1 (so 64 bit) on Mac OS X 10.12.3


  10. Tryfonas

    Would really like to test on Logic 9.. Since there is no proper rave synth available it would be a great to have a synth for all those old skool sound we grew up with!!

  11. Rune


    i got the newst Mac book pro 2017

    i got logic pro x the newst update to

    and i like to test

    do there come a how to install it to?

  12. Schnez

    Would like to beta it for you. Always wanted to try this out but not been able to due to being on OS X. Would love to add it to my arsenal.

  13. El Bardo

    I sent you an email as well, but I’d like to test this out! My setup:
    Ableton Live Suite 9.2.2 64 bit
    Macbook Pro Early 2013, OS Sierra 10.12.4



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