Free VST Live Looper : Instalooper ( a 64 bit instajungle!)

Some times ago, when i needed to loop/glitch/stutter on the fly i used the “Instajungle” VST effect : a handy VST looper with no GUI (don’t need), that works well with MIDI control


Unfortunaly, the development stopped and there’s no chance to see a 64 bit version, or to fix bugs that happen in some hosts.

And then i found the INSTALOOPER VST by AudioBlast !!


Free download :
It’s a free VST for Windows and Linux, coming in 32 bit & 64 bit version.
It does basically the same as Instajungle : loops a part of the incoming signal, all sync’ed to the host.
don’t hesitate to have a look at the manual ! because it’s not obvious that you have to right-click on the buttons to make them act like “toggle” button and not “push” button.

5 thoughts on “Free VST Live Looper : Instalooper ( a 64 bit instajungle!)

  1. FunkLoopInDubai

    Before 2 days someone asked about Live Looping VST, I just saw this post about this VST and thought I would share. I couldn’t find the original post of the inquiry Therefore how to make use of. Let me know?


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