Resurrecting free VST plugins for Mac OS X 64 bit part1: DFX Tranverb & Zr3 Organ

The short story:

Here you can download ZR3 Organ VST &DFX Transverb VST for Mac OS X 64 bit :

ZR3 organ VST 64 bit for Mac OS X

zr3 organ VST 4 MAC os X
direct download  : AZr3 organ VST for Mac OS X 64 bit
source code : src + XCode project
author website : Rupelrausch


DestroyFX Transverb VST effect 64 bit for Mac OS X

DFX TRansverb 64 bit 4 Mac OS X

direct download : Transverb VST 64 bit for Mac
source code : src + xcode project + visual studio project for windows
author website : DestroyFX

Longer story :

Some month ago, a funky guy on KVR forum asked if it was possible to compile the ultra-old-but-still-good Transverb VST plugin from DestroyFX for Mac OS X in 64 bit. The plugin is open source, so it MUST be possible.

For Windows, it’s a matter of minutes, to compile a 64 bit version for a VST : just keep the antediluvian VSTGUI version and don’t care about.
But on Mac OS X, the 32 to 64 bit upgrade means : change from Carbon to Cocoa !

Heureusement, The VSTGUI is Cocoa-compatible since 3.6 or something like that.
So you have to upgrade from incredibly-old-version-of VSTGUI to the latest.

here’s the thread at KVR :

If you know some old plugin that NEED to be ported to 64 bit on Mac don’t hesitate to name.

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8 thoughts on “Resurrecting free VST plugins for Mac OS X 64 bit part1: DFX Tranverb & Zr3 Organ

  1. Christophe Monier

    Hello, It would be super awesome to have a modern 64-bit version of Detroy FX dfx Buffer Override for macOS. It’s hands down the best buffer effect of all time.

    I used it a lot back in the days, playing it like an instrument using hardware MIDI controllers. It was very responsive, reliable, predictable and controllable. A real joy to use. I never found a worthwhile alternative.

    I’m currently using the newer AU version, loaded into a DDMF Metaplugin VST instance. It loads this way and processes audio. Unfortunately, MIDI and native automation don’t work well enough to make it usable: too much lags, drop outs and unpredictability.

    I’m not a coder unfortunately, so I can’t help much in this area. However, I am very familiar with the plugin as a user and would be happy to betatest it.


  2. Ian

    This is an amazing find and this may sound ridiculous, but Transverb is my favourite plugin (period) I own a lot of stuff by NI, Izotope, Arturia, Acustica, Glitchmachines, Audio Damage, Ableton Suite etc…….. I have missed Transverb more.
    I agree with the guys above. Port Smartelectronics/dfx stuff.

    Transverb and AZR3 (sounds beautiful) running perfectly on 2014 iMac, Sierra 10.12.6, Ableton 10.1,
    <1% CPU each <3% CPU 10 instances.


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