Resurrecting free VST plugins for Mac OS X 64 bit part1: DFX Tranverb & Zr3 Organ

The short story:

Here you can download ZR3 Organ VST &DFX Transverb VST for Mac OS X 64 bit :

ZR3 organ VST 64 bit for Mac OS X

zr3 organ VST 4 MAC os X
direct download  : AZr3 organ VST for Mac OS X 64 bit
source code : src + XCode project
author website : Rupelrausch


DestroyFX Transverb VST effect 64 bit for Mac OS X

DFX TRansverb 64 bit 4 Mac OS X

direct download : Transverb VST 64 bit for Mac
source code : src + xcode project + visual studio project for windows
author website : DestroyFX

Longer story :

Some month ago, a funky guy on KVR forum asked if it was possible to compile the ultra-old-but-still-good Transverb VST plugin from DestroyFX for Mac OS X in 64 bit. The plugin is open source, so it MUST be possible.

For Windows, it’s a matter of minutes, to compile a 64 bit version for a VST : just keep the antediluvian VSTGUI version and don’t care about.
But on Mac OS X, the 32 to 64 bit upgrade means : change from Carbon to Cocoa !

Heureusement, The VSTGUI is Cocoa-compatible since 3.6 or something like that.
So you have to upgrade from incredibly-old-version-of VSTGUI to the latest.

here’s the thread at KVR :

If you know some old plugin that NEED to be ported to 64 bit on Mac don’t hesitate to name.

14 thoughts on “Resurrecting free VST plugins for Mac OS X 64 bit part1: DFX Tranverb & Zr3 Organ

  1. Christophe Monier

    Hello, It would be super awesome to have a modern 64-bit version of Detroy FX dfx Buffer Override for macOS. It’s hands down the best buffer effect of all time.

    I used it a lot back in the days, playing it like an instrument using hardware MIDI controllers. It was very responsive, reliable, predictable and controllable. A real joy to use. I never found a worthwhile alternative.

    I’m currently using the newer AU version, loaded into a DDMF Metaplugin VST instance. It loads this way and processes audio. Unfortunately, MIDI and native automation don’t work well enough to make it usable: too much lags, drop outs and unpredictability.

    I’m not a coder unfortunately, so I can’t help much in this area. However, I am very familiar with the plugin as a user and would be happy to betatest it.


  2. Ian

    This is an amazing find and this may sound ridiculous, but Transverb is my favourite plugin (period) I own a lot of stuff by NI, Izotope, Arturia, Acustica, Glitchmachines, Audio Damage, Ableton Suite etc…….. I have missed Transverb more.
    I agree with the guys above. Port Smartelectronics/dfx stuff.

    Transverb and AZR3 (sounds beautiful) running perfectly on 2014 iMac, Sierra 10.12.6, Ableton 10.1,
    <1% CPU each <3% CPU 10 instances.

  3. Hey Dude

    You are an absolute legend. I am reinstalling my DAW after years of hiatus from music production and the first plugin that came to my mind was Transverb. Can you please do Buffer Override as well? I am on MacOs. Thank you so much! I am donating a case of beer! Excellent work!

  4. Christian

    hi, thanks for posting this, I just found and are very happy about being able to use dox transverse again.

    One tool, that in my mind needs also a 64 bit revamp is the old frequency analyzer from Roger Nichols called “Inspector”. we have been using for years in the studio and once you’re used to it you never want to be without anymore..:-)
    all the best, christian

  5. Tais Stausholm

    Hi! Could you look into the other Destroy FX Plugins? I tried downloading them, but no AU Component show s up, only text files! I’m very interested in the Buffer Override plugin, and Skidder as well..


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