5 free VST games !

Tired of VST plugins that produce or transform sounds ?
It’s time for a pause ! it’s time for useless VST ! it’s time to play !
Here’s the top 5 of the best of the best VST games.

Why only five VST plugins  ?
Because we only found five.

1. VST Chess

VST chess by Tobybear

VST chess by Tobybear

info & download @ http://www.tobybear.de/p_sourcebag.html

As the name says : it’s a chess game VST !
This VST game has many configurations, if you play against the computer you can choose the skill level. Works also with two players.


2. VST Snake

VST snake by Coyote Blaster

VST snake by Coyote Blaster

download for free @ http://coyoteblaster.free.fr/vst.php

The classic snake game on VST !
You can change the presets to have different configurations (snake sizes).


3. Tetris VST

Tetris VST by Christian-W. Budde

Tetris VST by Christian-W. Budde

more infos & download @ http://www.savioursofsoul.de/Christian/vst-plugins/effect-plugins/

Another original name for this VST !
Use the mouse buttons to move and turn the pieces.


4. SE Pong

SE Pong VST by syntheditor2thebone

SE Pong VST by syntheditor2thebone

infos : archive & download

You can play with the keyboard modwheel controller.
It’s more a training , as you play against the wall!


5. PSP Flight by PSP

psp flight VST game

psp flight VST game

psp site : http://www.pspaudioware.com/ and download

A kind of shoot’em up VST
This one has sound.
use the keyboard or the mouse to move the ship and to fire.
The sounds are panned ! depending on your position on the screen.


If you know any other VST games, don’t hesitate to comment !

4 thoughts on “5 free VST games !

  1. PoneyBuster

    The snake VST is snaky, but not sneaky, i made a GOOD 1000, that’s my best score !!
    the Tetris VST does not display the score,

    Lot Of FUN

    i kikilike 🙂

    is there a VST for ripping youtube audio ?


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