7 Free VSTs for Hammond B3 emulation

The Hammond B3 organ.
Additive synthesis at its best !
Suitable for Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Blues, Ballad, House, Funk, Cheesy reprise of anything, Ballad, Dance, Pop, Hard Rock, etc..
Some history here : http://theatreorgans.com/grounds/docs/history.html  + some facts



i have selected 7 free drawbar organ VSTi emulations of the Hammond B3.
Let’s groove :


1. AZR3 by Rumpelrausch

AZR3:  B3 organ VST

AZR3: B3 organ VST


Not only free, it’s also open source.
This is a very good drawbar emulation, with onboard FX, nice saturation, and the speaker leslie emulation. Perfect for emulating gospel organ and rock organ. And check the “NHL” preset!


As all the other plugins in this list are 32 bit, it could be nice to compile a 64 bit version.
** EDIT** => here is the 64 bit version for Windows : download  Azr3 B3 organ VST 64 bit
and the sources

There’s also a MAC version here 





2. Organized Trio

Organized Trio VST

Organized Trio VST


Present in the same package as “Mr Ray”, it’s the perfect companion for your funky tracks.
And of course it can do the perc dance organ “ala” Korg M1 :

Gypsy Woman:




3. NubiPlus by fxPointAudio

Nubi+ VST

Nubi+ VST

http://www.fxpointaudio.com/   & download

Nubi Plus VSTi come with a VST FX for adding the Leslie effect : Spinner VST. The two make a super groovy combo, and gives you this nice Hammond B3 organ sound.

She’s just like you and me, but she’s homeless:




4. DirtBag and LightBag by Istvan Kaldor

LightBag II VST

LightBag II VST


Good old Synthedit creations : the sound is dirty like it should. You get a nasty B3 organ sound in an instant. Leslie speaker effect is included. There are also some nice reed emulation sounds. And some crazy wicked presets in dirtbag too!

Whiter shade of Dirtbag :




5. Euthymia VST by Iliadis

Euthymia Organ

Euthymia Organ


This free organ VST has a clean sound. You can add a Leslie speaker as free external effect : iSpinner VST




6. OddlyOrgan by OdO

Oddly Organ

Oddly Organ


A little more synthetic, you can go creative with this VST !
You can also find other organ VSTis made by OdO




 7. VL122 by AM Music Technology

VL122 drawbar organ VST

VL122 drawbar organ VST

info & download

Discontinued & free drawbar organ : it sounds nice, it’s clean.
You can switch off the motor !
It includes the famous Leslie effect, and also a reverb.
+ a tube/drive effect for more dirty sound.
Cool jazz organ presets.


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18 thoughts on “7 Free VSTs for Hammond B3 emulation

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      this is just a little love 🙂

      i have ported it to VST 2.4, then i’ll compile the azr3 in 64 bit.
      i’ll also contact the author before
      this is very strange as i had to fix a lot of uninitialized variables, causing the release to output NaN
      there’s also some minor bugs to fix (due to the port from the old VSTGUI to a newer version) : the splash screen doesn’t work anymore (?!)

      1. Name

        Hm, not easy to start over someone else’s work… Opensource project doesn’t necessarily mean nice code. I’m not a coder, but aren’t uninitialized variables due to compiling with too “high level” IDEs, that would replace automatically missing initializations?
        I hope the author will answer favorably (and answer at least). But if you clean the code and port it to new standards, he should.
        Keep up the good work.

        1. Wavosaur Post author

          yes, now it should work on 64 bit !
          The author has not replied yet, but i managed to remove the bug that was causing audio output to go weird.
          i also fixed a minor bug with the LED display of “Mr Valve” & “Mr Speakers” (when changing the on/off parameters from the host)

  1. Garrett

    VL122 has the best sound of all of them. In FL Studio it unfortunately also has some horrible background noise whenever the organ isn’t playing but it’s easy to edit out if you know how (hint: Fruity Mute + Peak Controller + 3xOSC). Definitely worth the effort for the great organ sound you’ll be getting.

  2. Mike

    I would love to see a tutorial or step by step write up on how to download and open these B3 emulators. I am VERY new to midi (like two days ago!) and I am failing miserably with these .dll files! I am stuck using the Ableton organ sounds, but I want these! Can anyone help?! I am using a Windows 7, 32 bit system. I looked online, but could find anything that helped.


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