3 Stylophone VSTs !


“The famous Dubreq Stylophone !”



The stylophone is a toy synth, created by Brian Jarvis in a psychedelic era.
It was used by Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Pulp, Erasure and Dimitri from Paris.
We have found 3 virtual instruments on the interweb that try to capture the crunchy sound of the stylophone.



Let’s go:

1. Superwave Stylophone VST

Stylophone freeware

Stylophone freeware


The best one ! the most fidel, with vibrato.

Who needs a Clavioline when there’s a Stylophone:



2. Styrofoam by Delamancha




Doesn’t really sound like a stylophone, but is cool !
In fact, it sounds better than a stylophone.



3. StylophoneVST by Sparque


download / archive

One of the oldest VSTi!
The path to the samples used by this VST is hardcoded into the dll : C:\Windows\Stylophone.dat, so you have to copy “Stylophone.dat” to C:\Windows.
The sound is between terrible and horrible (when it doesn’t bug and blast your speakers), but it can be used in a creative way, if you are motived.



4. bonus track

Stylophone tab !

Stylophone tab !


On this site you can find tab for your stylophone ! Now you can play the Star Wars imperial march or some songs by Lady Gaga and Bob Sinclar.



Stylophone is old school

Stylophone is old school

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