5 Free VST emulations of Roland JP-8000 : supersaw !!!

These VST plugins are not really “close emulation” but all these VST synths are inspired by the Roland JP-8000 and try to emulate the famous “supersaw” sound.
Let’s go trance :

1. Superwave P8 VSTi

Superwave P8 : jp-8000 emulation for free

Superwave P8 : jp-8000 emulation for free

Freeware download : http://www.superwavesynths.co.uk/product_p8.htm

The best free VST synth for supersaw like sounds, the good old Superwave P8.
Don’t forget to check out the presets :  Yazoo Synth, Jean Michel Jarre creamy pads, Van Halen Jump sound, Europe Final Countdown Lead, Chariot Of Fire Synth , they’re all here!

Trance demo:


2. GFP Beta VST by Naska

GFP Beta VST : supersaw for all

GFP Beta VST : supersaw for all


Free VST from Japan, with five oscillators and detune for all !
Supersaw guarantee, ideal for heavy leads.

Trance demo:



3. TranceDrive by Maik Menz

TranceDrive VST

TranceDrive VST

download for Windows : http://www.yedey.com/2010/02/official-release-of-trancedrive/

This VSTi was created with Synthmaker, it features a saw7 waveform : the supersaw with 7 detunable sub oscillators.

phat trance!


4. Lallapalloza Lite VST by Buzzroom

Lallapallooza ! VST

Lallapallooza ! VST

direct download and info 

The osc1 has a “supersaw” type. The synth also include an arpeggiator.

Trance demo :



5. Pterosaur VST by Contralogic

Pterosaurus VSTex

Pterosaurus VSTex


This one is inspired by the JP-8000 supersaw. It has 16 oscillator you can detune and pan.
The possibility to set 4 differents notes for each group of 4 oscillators make it a nice “chord stab” VST synth !

trance demo :


3 thoughts on “5 Free VST emulations of Roland JP-8000 : supersaw !!!

  1. Luciano Drossi

    Great collection with a professional demonstration! This makes me download all of these synths… The Trancedrive and Superwave are outstanding, but Pterosaur is wonderful as well. I knew Superwave P8 since before, but not the others. Thank you so much for this very skillful demonstration, I couldn’t do this by my own. Many, many thanks!

    Yours sincerely,

    Luciano Drossi

  2. Luciano Drossi

    When I listen to the demonstration of TranceDrive on Youtube, they demonstrate the same preset used here, called LD Overtone. All you people listen to that demonstration on Youtube really hear that Wavosaur here manage to express LD Overtone more than 100 times better than that on Youtube. I say it again, that this arpeggiator manage to express TranceDrive brilliantly, with good tweaking.


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