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5 Free VST emulations of Roland JP-8000 : supersaw !!!

These VST plugins are not really “close emulation” but all these VST synths are inspired by the Roland JP-8000 and try to emulate the famous “supersaw” sound.
Let’s go trance :

1. Superwave P8 VSTi

Superwave P8 : jp-8000 emulation for free

Superwave P8 : jp-8000 emulation for free

Freeware download : http://www.superwavesynths.co.uk/product_p8.htm

The best free VST synth for supersaw like sounds, the good old Superwave P8.
Don’t forget to check out the presets :  Yazoo Synth, Jean Michel Jarre creamy pads, Van Halen Jump sound, Europe Final Countdown Lead, Chariot Of Fire Synth , they’re all here!

Trance demo:

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