Wavosaur in Linux ! with wine

Wavosaur with VST Effect !! Linux !

Wavosaur with VST Effect !! Linux !

You are a Wavosaur user and want to use it on Linux ?
You are a Linux user and not satisfied with the free audio editors for Linux ?
You want another free audio editor for Linux ?

You can do it ! don’t hesitate to refer to this post in our Wavosaur forum : http://www.wavosaur.com/forum/ubuntu%20support-t612.html

We have tested with:

How to make Wavosaur work on Linux ?

1) make sure you have Wine :
open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install wine

2) download the Wavosaur Windows executable :
it’s in the zip ! => http://www.wavosaur.com/download.php

3) get the right version of MFC42.dll :
and place the mfc42.dll file next to the Wavosaur executable

Wavosaur in Linux !!

Wavosaur in Linux !!

4) now launch Wavosaur with Wine !

Launch Wavosaur with Wine

Launch Wavosaur with Wine

5) Here is Wavosaur on Linux :

Wavosaur is working with Linux

Wavosaur is working with Linux

Many VST plugins are working too in this environment, as you can see on the first picture.



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3 thoughts on “Wavosaur in Linux ! with wine

  1. Klemperer

    This is still interesting news for me (reading it nearly 3 years later^^) as I switched to Lubuntu and will try it out now.


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