Calling beta testers ! ravegenerator 2 is coming (win)

You all know Rave Generator VST, the plugin for all oldschool rave techno breakbeat hardcore house lovers.
V 2 is coming !!
I’ve already tested in Ableton, Renoise, + many free VST Hosts.

I need some beta testers

more particularly CUBASE & FL Studio users.
ONLY WINDOWS for the moment (Mac versions will come later)
32 or 64 bit
don’t be afraid to horribly crash 🙂

send an email to

there’s no manual yet but it should be pretty straightforward.


here’s a funky thread about the origin of the “Landlord” stab :

it was 99% sure that it was sampled from the LinnDrum demo tape !


54 thoughts on “Calling beta testers ! ravegenerator 2 is coming (win)

        1. Ric Music Producer

          I like the first version, very original idea, can you send me the beta 32-bit version? I’ll test it in FL Studio

    1. Wavosaur Post author

      mail sent

      are you the same Darren who posted the 9 January 2016 at 16 h 41 min ?

      i already sent an email to this one

      be sure to give the right email in the comment

      1. SavedDiva

        Hi, just following up because link has not arrived. I checked all of my mailboxes, including my trash bin and there were no emails from you. I have confirmed that my email address is correctly registered for the site.
        Can you resend the link? Thanks!

          1. SavedDiva

            Still nothing. I have another email you can try sending it too but I don’t want to give it in public site. Is there another way for me to send to you?

          2. SavedDiva

            Hey, I’ve Got It!! I got each one. THANKS!!! … and my apologies for the hassles. Problem was with my mail settings.

            Anyway, I’ve got it now and am about to load and start using. I’ll be in touch!

  1. SavedDiva

    Hi, its me SavedDiva, thought I’d try messaging you using the other address.
    Try sending to this account and let’s see what happens.

  2. Orion Grant

    I’d love to test this one man! I’ve been using the original for ages so i’ve been anticipating a new version for a while, is there an au mac version to test as well? I use FL12 and Logic Pro X

  3. BROLY

    Would love to test out this version if you are still doing testing. I use V1 pretty often.

    I have background in testing music software and well as programming, so I should be of some help when it comes to bug reports.

  4. BrennenGrey

    Hi, I’d love to help! I run both windows and Mac so send (both when mac is ready) and I’ll dig deep and let you know what I find! Mad love

  5. pseudogrey

    hi there,
    always ‘ve been a fan of that the beta testing still going on? host would be Usine 32bit/64bit on Win 10 Pro 64 bit.

  6. Ric Music Producer

    I like the first version, very original idea, can you send me the beta 32-bit version? I’ll test it in FL Studio

  7. mark langham

    hi i would love to test ravegenerator 2 on flstudio please also im having trouble with ravegenerator 1 for some reason when i load in ableton i have only 1 preset and no option on the vst its self to change preset any help with this would be greatful thanks

  8. Drivenbwoy

    Hi, I sent an email earlier in regards to beta test RaveGen II 🙂
    I’m using Windows 10 Pro x64
    FL Studio 12.1.2 (x64)
    Many thanks in advance!! ^_^

  9. Rob


    I installed RaveGenerator 2 x64. I use Cubase Pro 9. The synth works, however the main User Interface stays blank. Meaning, it stays white. No buttons or controls can be operated.
    If you need some further info, please let me know. Curious to know if you have a new version in the works.


    1. Wavosaur Post author

      Thank for the feedback.
      that’s weird for the UI bug, i have tons of beta testers with no problem on Windows / Cubase

      can you test with Rave Generator 1 and also with other plugins like the VSTSpeek ?
      if the result is the same there’s a very big problem.

  10. tylerXinsanity

    Would love to try this out if it’s possible still. Loved the first Rave Generator and this one looks badass!!!
    Currently using Ableton and FL Studio on a 64-bit windows pc


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