7 free Arp Solina VST emulation

Let’s go crazy (diamond)


1 Cheeze Machine by Big Tick audio

Cheese Machine VST

Cheese Machine VST


One of the oldest VSTi around the web, but still refreshing. You have the ensemble sound + the phaser + the reverb => you got the ARP Solina string sound. Kind of.
An Audio Unit version is also available for Mac OS X.
It just lacks a 64 bit version.


2. eSline String by ElektroStudio

eSline VST free Arp Solina !

eSline VST free Arp Solina !


Another “old analog” style emulation by ElektroStudio. The good phaser is here for this VST recreation of the ARP solina. You can select between Viola, Violon, Trumpet and Horn sounds.
Unfortunaly, no 64 bit version.



3. Crazy Diamonds by Rumpelrausch

Crazy Diamonds

Crazy Diamonds


From the same dev who created Zr3 Organ plugin, this “String Synth” emulator can produce the creamy sounds we all love. Of course his name come from the intro of “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”.



4. Stringer by Falke Lab

Stringer VST

Stringer VST

download on archive.org

Based on sample from different String synths, including the ARP Solina. A synthedit creation with some interesting string sounds. For the same price (free!) you also have samples from Mellotron, Crumar performer, Korg Trident.
It has a simple filter and envelope generator.
32 bit only (Synthedit).



5. StringSynth by Algomusic

StringSynth VST

StringSynth VST

download StringSynth VST

Simple but effective, this String Synth VST can produces fine pads, with this nice phasing effect.
It sounds more “modern” and clean than the other, but above all, it sounds good.



6. Wombat solina

Wombat Solina VST

Wombat Solina VST

info & download

An old Synthedit creation ! you got 4 plugin for each instruments : Viola, Violin, Trumpet and Horn.
with all the same UI and same modulations / effects.



7. easy-mr. stringer

Mr Stringer VST

Mr Stringer VST


UI with a vintage look !!

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2 thoughts on “7 free Arp Solina VST emulation

  1. BlackWinny

    There is also the excellent Selena from Benoit Serrano. Selena, by the way, is a pun on the name Solina. Here is the page: http://bserrano.free.fr/Selena.html. It is SynthEdit made, so of course only for Windows 32-bits for the moment. But a very good SynthEdit production with very nice sounds and totally today’s because this plugins was outed in 2014. And Selena is an extract part (the part focused on String Ensemble) of a more comprehensive synth: Horus MKII.

    A while ago there was also Ensembler, from ConcreteFX. The original website page doesn’t exist anymore but the original download link remains valid. It is this one: http://www.concretefx.com/Ensembler.zip. And you can still have a comprehensive copy of the original description by visiting this page.

    I especially love Cheeze Machine, eSline, Crazy Diamonds, and Selena. These four plugins are of huge quality and complementary to get absolutely all the sounds (and very accurate) of the original ARP Solina String Ensemble.

    Best thoughts to all for this end of year!


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