3 Free Speak and Spell VST emulations

That is correct !

The Speak and Spell ! the toy that everybody love to “bend”.
You can hear the sounds of the Speak & Spell in countless songs, from LFO techno anthem “LFO” to obscure Japanese techno pop tracks. The magic of Linear Predictive Encoding + funky electronic = the sound we all need.
We found about three free VST plugins that are inspired by the 80’s speaking toy.
They’re all sample based, but funny :

1. Speak N Spell 80 by GrooveZing

Speak N spell 80 VST

Speak N spell 80 VST


Based on samples from the Speak and Spell toy, this plugin let you map the synthetic words on the MIDI keyboard; or play any word / combination of words like a sampler.
React to pitch bend, and is available in 32 & 64 bit for Windows!
The project is recent so let’s hope it will get some update, with more BEND options !



2. Necromare Speak And Teach VST

Speak And Teach VST

Speak And Teach VST

download : here

It’s basically just a sample player, created with Maize sampler, all MIDI keys are mapped with a speak and spell sample. Available for Windows (32 bit only)



3. SonicAlienz Incantor

SonicAlienZ Incantor VST

SonicAlienZ Incantor VST


It’s a bended to death speak and spell emulator : the sound is between pure random and harsh unusable noise, that’ fun.
Made with Synthedit.




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  1. Robert

    I was no able to get Speak & Spell 80 to work, there was not exe file or setup program to run, I’m completely lost as how to get the program to work. need help. If anyone can help with direction please email at this address.


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