3 Free Speak and Spell VST emulations

That is correct !

The Speak and Spell ! the toy that everybody love to “bend”.
You can hear the sounds of the Speak & Spell in countless songs, from LFO techno anthem “LFO” to obscure Japanese techno pop tracks. The magic of Linear Predictive Encoding + funky electronic = the sound we all need.
We found about three free VST plugins that are inspired by the 80’s speaking toy.
They’re all sample based, but funny :

1. Speak N Spell 80 by GrooveZing

Speak N spell 80 VST

Speak N spell 80 VST


Based on samples from the Speak and Spell toy, this plugin let you map the synthetic words on the MIDI keyboard; or play any word / combination of words like a sampler.
React to pitch bend, and is available in 32 & 64 bit for Windows!
The project is recent so let’s hope it will get some update, with more BEND options !



2. Necromare Speak And Teach VST

Speak And Teach VST

Speak And Teach VST

download : here

It’s basically just a sample player, created with Maize sampler, all MIDI keys are mapped with a speak and spell sample. Available for Windows (32 bit only)



3. SonicAlienz Incantor

SonicAlienZ Incantor VST

SonicAlienZ Incantor VST


It’s a bended to death speak and spell emulator : the sound is between pure random and harsh unusable noise, that’ fun.
Made with Synthedit.




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