The 5 best free VST reverb

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1. Knufinke SIR1 reverb plugin

SIR 1 Reverb VST plugin

SIR 1 Reverb VST plugin

More info and free download @

The well known free convolution VST reverb. Convolution reverb is a processing plugin that need an impulse response file. Impulse response is the response of a dynamic system when this system is feeded with an impulse. This gives (an approximation of) the transfer function of the system, the system can be a reverb unit, an open space, a room , etc..

The signal we send to the plugin is convolved with the transfer function of the system : the output is “like if we sent this signal in the modelized system)


The SIR1 reverb comes with two impulse response example, but of course you’ll need more than two impulse response files to cover a large variety of reverb (plate, spring reverb, cathedral, stadium, natural spaces, theater, small room, big room, etc..)

Magic of the internet ! you can find impulse response files ! and for free
Some nice free Impulse Response IR files can be found there :


2.  Magnus Ambience Reverb

Ambience free reverb VST

Ambience free reverb VST

more information and download @

This one is an algorithmic VST reverb, it sounds nice, has a fresh and intuitive GUI : try it !!
We like the gate section, with little tweaks you can try to achieve that Phil Collins snare sound
gated reverb !!
The plugin comes with many factory presets, to show the versatility of this reverb.



3. DaSample Glaceverb



More infos and free download @

This one is very special, it’s an algorithmic reverb processing VST, but with innovative and unusual algorithms. It tries to emulate the acoustic response of surfaces and materials. So you can try to have the sound of an acoustic space like water.
It can be great for creative effects, and make surreal ambience and great FX! With – nice -metalic sounds. Check the presets => some great presets with name that say it all : Alien Room, Airport, Metal Factory,



4. LiquidSonics’ Reverberate LE

Reverberate LE

Reverberate LE

More infos and free download @

The light edition of Reverberate, this is a convolution reverb, it’s very good and can load the impulse response file in wav, ogg or flac format.
It comes with various presets & IR files in flac format.



5. SinusWeb FreeverbToo


More information and free download @

FreeverbToo is a VST reverb plugin based on the Schroeder/Moorer algorithm. There are many implementation of the freeverb algorithm, and this one is one of the best.
The gate section is great and efficient for this gated reverb effects (on snare !)

Here’s the signal flow (picture from the freeverbtoo documentation) :


Listen to the reverb

Dry / Wet (Reverberate VST plugins with Cathedral IR)

7 thoughts on “The 5 best free VST reverb

    1. recorder-boy

      – FreeverbToo is light on the CPU.
      – ReverberateLE has a “latency” parameters, you can gain CPU cycle by changing (increasing) the latency
      – Ambience has a “quality” parameter, yo ucan adjust to find the best balance between quality and CPU consumption.


  1. Reverb Effects

    Used DaSample Glaceverb for quite some time and found it to be pretty easy to use and provides good results, didn’t know about a couple of these other ones. Thanks for sharing will try them sometime!

  2. Delay Pedal

    As the developer says, DX Reverb Light is the “ultimate free” reverb plugin for PC and MAC. This plugin reverb offers extreme flexibility and astonishing quality of sound. You can use DX Reverb Light to simulate a wide range of room sizes, from small rooms with sudden attacks to large spaces like a concert hall spaces with more spread attack.


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