Free VST for SFX (in video prod or other) part 2/2

Here’s the follow up to this post :

It’s a nice opportunity to exhume some unusual VST instruments.
like these :

1. Whale Song VST by Necromare Music

Whale Song VST

Whale Song VST

download it right now ! =>

This one is just a sample player with a Whale sound. But a nice one !
Ideal for this submarine atmosphere, let’s play the Whale.


2. WindChimes MIDI generator by ToneCarver

Wind Chimes Generator VST

Wind Chimes Generator VST

Info and free download :
This VST doesn’t produce sounds, it generates MIDI notes, so you can feed any synth / sampler with the generated notes.

Here’s a quick demo with WindChime VST + Synth 1 (preset 124 from this Synth1 bank ):
Wind Chime :

Of course it’s even more funky with other sound than chimes / bells sounds

WindChime + Seagulator Synth1 patch (from this Synth1 preset bank )
Cyber Seagulls are coming :


3. KeyWriter VST by Knobster

KeyWriter VST

KeyWriter VST

download free :

A typewriter VSTi ! very simple but effective, it does what you expect.


4. Atonoise VST by H.G Fortune

Atonoise Pro VST

Atonoise Pro VST

HG Fortune VST on archive.og :

This VST is more than a one trick pony, but it has his place in this list. It would be perfect for strange Sci Fi movies. Download it and play some of the presets ! instant (strange) ambience.


5. VSTAnimals

direct download :

This VSTi has no GUI, it cames from Japan, and it has different animals sounds you can trigger.
I know another “animal sounds” VSTi (still in development) that is better than this one, i’ll update this post as soon as it’s ready.




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