2 Free Arp 2600 VST emu (+ preset banks)

We have searched on all the web for free VST emulation of the Arp 2600 synth :
unfortunately, there’s really only one. The good news is that it’s a very good emu!
**edit **: une fois n’est pas coutume we have not searched deep enough ! Thanks to BlackWinny (see the first comments), another Arp 2600 like emu is available for the masses!

Come on let’s do it :


1. Arppe2600va by Glen Stegner

Arp 2600 VA VST

Arp 2600 VA VST


Based on the Richard brooks Synthedit source, the Arppe2600va is a must have, for all semi modular virtual analog lovers. Despite some bugs it has all you need : three oscillators, an ADSR generator, a LFO, a Sample & Hold Unit, a Filter, a spring reverb and many more!

If you are not familiar with the Arp 2600 you may have a look at the manual before programming some patches :

This (free!) eBook by Samuel Ecoff is also a must :

The matrix on the Arppe2600va VST is less fun that “patch chord” but is very powerful and easy to use.

Bonus !! 2 Free Preset Banks for Arppe 2600 va :

here’s one by our good friend Ann :
http://ann.sounds.free.fr/download/presets/Arppe2600/Arppe2600_Ann_bank01f.rar  :
72 incredible presets for the ARP 2600 VST!

and another preset bank by me :
https://blog.wavosaur.com/download/Arppe2600va_Chris_bank01.zip :
74 crazy presets !!

Bass arp !

Crazy Sequence

Space FX



2. Trans Computer Maschine by Cescato

trans Computer Maschine VST !

trans Computer Maschine VST !


Unlike the Arppe2600va, this one is still developed!
Freeware / donationware, don’t hesitate to support  the author.
It’s not a 1:1 Arp 2600 emulation, but it share the same basis.
And it’s good to have the value displayed for the pitch 🙂
a second ADSR is also a nice addition.
and more important, it features a sequencer, just check the “Blade runner” and “I Feel Love Donna Summer” presets ! cool
It has less modulation possibilities than the Arp 2600 / Arppe2600va but it still a powerful beast.



— Bonux trax : —

3. Arp 2600 VST by Richard Brooks

Arp 2600 4 free

Arp 2600 4 free

info and SE sources  direct VST download

The -very- old version of Arp 2600 VST, for hardcore “VST vintage” fans.


and for the fun, an old GUI of arppe2600va :

i prefer the blue one

i prefer the blue one

9 thoughts on “2 Free Arp 2600 VST emu (+ preset banks)

  1. BlackWinny

    No, even if I prefer ARP2600VA by simplicity, by honesty I must tell that there is another EXCELLENT free emulation of the ARP 2600! And certainly as awesome as the ARP2600! It is Trans Computer Maschine from Cescato Musiktechnologie. An awesome work of many years (which continues today to be improved) which is an excellent emulation of two famous instruments:

    A mix of essentially the ARP 2600 (three oscillators) and a bit less the ARP Odyssey (some features, as the ring modulator). And several features in the oscillators come from the Moog technology which was used by the first version of the ARP2600
    The extraordinary Synthanorma (from Dirk Matten & Hajo Wiechers) which is the famous step-sequencer used by Kraftwerk in the album Trans-Europ-Express and made by Matten & Wiechers at the request of the band.

    I kindly suggest you to make a modification of the present page to relate in second place this extraordinary but alas too much unknown VST emulation of the ARP2600.

    All my best thoughts to Wavosaur!

    1. BlackWinny

      Ah… and I must add that the ARP emulation made by Richard Brooks is the work which served as starting point to make the ARP2600VA. ARP2600VA was designed by Richard Brooks himself in the team with Glen Stegner, Gunnar Ekornås, and Gabriel Abney.

      My best thoughts to Wavosaur!

  2. Juan Capobianco

    Hello, I tried to load your Arppe2600va fxb presets (Arppe2600va_Chris_bank01.zip) on both SAVIHost (32bits) and FLStudio 12 (DEMO) and had no success. Ann’s bank loaded normally on both hosts. Any advices?

    Anyway, congratulations for the great work on this blog! Cheers!

    1. Wavosaur Post author


      what version of arppe2600va do you run ?
      i made the presets with v2.2

      i have tested with Ableton, Chainer (demo), CantabileLite, and SAVIHost , all working

      or maybe the download was corrupted, try to re download the bank

  3. The CMT Team

    Trans Computer Maschine v2.3 – Coming soon !
    – Added double triggered ‘Seq Gate’ to Envelopes gate sources.
    – Added ‘LFO’ activity indicator.
    – Added ‘Lower’ range extender to Oscillators frequency modulation sources.
    – Added selection displays for expanded ‘Filter’ modulation destinations.
    – Fixed Oscillators ‘Low F’ switches not working with ‘Seq In’ enabled.
    – Fixed/changed S/H Mixer behaviour for ‘Expand’ sources.
    – Improved modulation at audio rates.
    – Improved ‘Noise Colour’ modulation.
    – Improved Sequencer sync for varying tempo use.
    – Renamed some parameters and updated GUI.
    – Revised and optimized code.

  4. K Brown

    I invite all to try my freebie 2600, made with Synthmaker, so sounds nothing like the real deal (I doubt any of these do), but I can say it looks way more like the real thing than any of these. And it functions pretty accurately too.
    Look for the folder named “tonus 2620”. A few other ARP emus in there too – and lots more.

  5. Henrik Larsen

    I am just a computer guy with sound and music as a hobby.
    As i found out the 2600 was used as bass for the cantina band in Starwars.
    Can it be that there is a fxb file for this preset? and if so, where can i find it?
    Thanks in advance.
    Henrik from Denmark

  6. Adrian

    Guys, Trans Computer Maschine is brilliant. BUT, I cannot get it to run with Presonus Studio 1 V3 Pro. It just does not show.

    There does appear to be an issue with using it with Studio 1, but I cannot understand it, and so I cannot devise a workaround.

    Anybody got the suss?


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