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The 8 Best free Theremin VST

The Theremin !
One of the very first electronic instrument, invented by the Russian physicist and cellist Leon Theremin in 1919.

Leon Theremin in the house

Leon Theremin in the house

Everybody knows this instrument that you can play without physical contact. The Theremin produces a tone that changes in pitch and dynamic level when the player moves his hands near its antenna and loop.
It’s often associated with 50’s sci-fi movies, furious aliens and creepy/spooky creatures and was also used by many artists, just to name a few :
Beach boys – Good Vibrations !
Portishead – Mysterons
Goldfrapp – Yes Sir
+ Radiohead, Led Zep, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, Julien Dragoul and many more !



If you search the perfect VST for this landing spaceship sound here’s a selection of free VSTi that tries to emulate the good old Theremin :


1. Spook Keys by Simple Media

Spook Keys VST

Spook Keys VST

Download : http://www.simple-media.co.uk/vsti.htm

This is the best Theremin VST emulation, and it’s free !
Drag the light point on the amplitude / frequency axes : instant Theremin action ! Here come the flying saucers. You can also play MIDI notes with your keyboard.
You have 4 waveforms to choose from so there is more than the Theremin sound, check out the presets !
Delay is simple but effective.
Depth and Rate parameters are for the vibrato.

Alien invasion, they are coming


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