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3 Free Roland Alpha Juno VST emulations

Let’s go techno :

1. Phutura VSTi by PhutureTone

Phutura VSTi : the free Alpha Juno !

Phutura VSTi : the free Alpha Juno !


Hoover !!

A nice clean interface, and a good sound. This is the only free “Alpha Juno” VSTi that can do a decent “hoover”. It can do hoover but not only ! There are some great bass and cool sounds in the factory presets.

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5 Free VST for hardcore gabber hardstyle kick

When it comes to hardcore techno, and style/genre like gabber, hardstyle, speedcore, new style hardcore, oldschool gabber, etc..  the kick drum is the more important part of the production:

the kick drum has to be ridiculously strong, and/or distorted, mangled to death, strong solid fat devastating and incredible.

For me the best combo is drum synth or sample + distortion (and couple of other effects like compression, distortion, EQ, and more distortion).
But sometimes it’s nice to have a dedicated plugin ! Here we go with the freeware plugins :


1. Gabber Master! VST by John Merrik

Gabber Master !

Gabber Master !

direct dl : Gabber Master VST download!

It’s a Windows-only VST, it seems it has been created with Synthmaker, and should work well in 32 bit VST hosts sequencers.
The GabberMaster VST is sample based with a nice variety of samples, and some parameters for destroying the sound.
Instant gabber hardcore breakcore speedcore terrorcore !

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