The 5 best free VST filters

Let’s do it :

1. Northpole

Prosoniq Northpole

Prosoniq Northpole

more informations and download free VST @ Prosoniq archive

The good old Northpole! the freeware from Prosoniq, unbeatable when pushing the resonance.
The actual version is Audio Unit for Mac but you can find the VST version for PC.
Just forget the distorsion knob.
Back to 1997 !

really back to 1997

2. Minion

Devine Machine Minion filter

Devine Machine Minion filter

more infos and download @ devine machine archive

It’s really more than a filter !
it’s 4 filters (or other effect : distorsion, volume) in parallel, with envelop following and “tridimensional” LFO to drive them.

Minion in full effect : come on and riiiiiiiide !


3. Blue Filter

Digilogue Blue Filter

Digilogue Blue Filter

more information & download @

This VST plugin is very old too ! But it does the job.
The “amount” and “slope” parameters for controlling the envelope follower is the key to make it sound funky. But don’t push the amount too hard, or the plugin will behave strangely (audio bug).
Click on the “Frequency plot” tab to show the filter transfer function.

Filter transfer fucntion

Filter transfer fucntion

Lowpass for all !

Hipass is groovy too


4. Frohmage

Ohmforce Frohmage

Ohmforce Frohmage VST

Informations and download @

It’s free, it’s coulant comme un bon camembert, it has a nice distorsion.
and a BIG knob.

Open your eyes in St-Tropez:


5. Classic Filter

Kjaerhus Classic Filter

Kjaerhus Classic Filter VST

You can find it in the Kjaerhus Classic VST Plugins bundle that is around the internet.
It does the job, it has a LFO. it’s nice.

André Lamy !

2 thoughts on “The 5 best free VST filters

  1. ElephantMax

    Is there an equivalent to the ResoBeat Resonant Filter from the Thelotron BeatModel T1 plugin pack DX ?
    it was in directX format and i never found any VST filter with the same quality, freeware or commercial.

    it was the bomb !

    filter filter !


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