Random Jingle Maker : Crakbone (resurrected from the dead)

I was doing some hard drive archeology, when i found this little funny application : a random music maker.
It’s called Crakbone and was floating around the internet some years ago.

Crakbone by Stephen Cronin

Crakbone random song maker software

Crakbone random song maker software

info + download original + download custom version

download the Random music maker !

The “seed” for the randomness is any ASCII text you type : so the same text always produces the same song! Nice.
You can try any combination of letter / number / any ascii character.
Press F1, type a text, then go ! Make music from text !

The application comes with 179 samples in OGG format : bass drums, snare drums, bass, string/synth sounds, noise sounds and scratches.
you can change these samples if you want to change the results and make a funkier random music generator !

I have changed some samples to give an alternative version (download the “custom version”).

Here’s some mp3 examples of random tracks from the original Crakbone random music maker :

funky beat with 4 characters:

some 80’s ish tune with only numbers : 2234

some random typing (GDGDR) = 2000’s electro hip hop

hey! sounds like a Bobby Brown tune




and here’s some samples of random tunes from the custom version (all with news samples !)

make it funky

yeah! hoover !! (U5Ru)

just type F1

hardcore!! (FSF)


don’t hesitate to share the words that produces funky tunes !

2 thoughts on “Random Jingle Maker : Crakbone (resurrected from the dead)

  1. Geza X

    i was able to get CrakBone to work on my Mac OS 10.6.8 by making a Winery wrapper. I found all the info on your site. I would upload it but it doesnt save the .exe file with the wrapper. Lets just say it was easy to figure out.

    I’ve picked up so many good tips from your blog 🙂 THANKS SO MUCH!! As a poverty case I’m experimenting with freeware and demos to learn about synthesizers. Its so FUN to find such a good list of resources to play with. You’re the bomb!!

    Geza X


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