How to process only one channel

With Wavosaur it’s possible to process a channel, without affecting the other channel, for example, you can change the volume on the left channel without changing right channel on a stereo file.

1) launch Wavosaur and open an audio file, for this exampe, we also made a selection on the file.


2) on the left of the Waveform right click on the dB bar of the channel you want to be unchanged , a menu will pop : choose “Deselect


3) the channel that is “deselected” appeard “grayed” , on the following picture,  the left channel is deselected :


4) now if you apply a processing effect on your file, only the right channel will be affected :
on the picture you can what happens if you apply a Process->Mute


Of course, if you apply a processing that change the length of the file, the two channels will be affected, regardless of the selected/deselected channels

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2 thoughts on “How to process only one channel

  1. Hilmers

    Pro Tip: You can also press the number 1 and 2 on your keyboard (not number pad) and this will toggle select/deselect for each channel.


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